Monday, 26 June 2017

Rain? what rain?

Once again we woke to blue sky, sunshine and a slight breeze, its hot in the sun. No rain so I guess we will be watering again tonight.

Bed stripped, now on the line blowing lazily in the slight breeze, just enough to keep cool. Monday clean done......

DB cut the front grass, he had a job to do in the front but he says it will have to wait until its cooler, the sun will move round to the back around mid day. He is pottering in the back just now. The raspberries are picking well.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed down some of the binding on the tree skirt, I made myself use 2 needles of thread, then filled the needles for today. Cut out a bag and straps from the tapestry fabric that was in the bag of fabric I was given. I found some fabric which tones in well for the lining. The fabric frays like mad, I used a whole bobbin of cotton to overlock the sides of the fabric, had to refill it to start sewing, pocket is made and lined, I just have to turn it back out and clip the corners, they are too thick as they are. Need to sort out the handles, I am hoping to sew down the seam and then turn them through, again the fabric is too thick to make handles the usual way, I can see this is going to be fun. Will put a pocket on the lining as well.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper tonight. I need to go through the freezer, I am hoping not to have to go shopping until the middle of next week.....fingers crossed.

The postman knocked at the door at lunch time.......

The lavender was full of liny butterflies and bees, I just managed to catch a couple.

First time I have seen so many bees and butterflies on the lavender by the front gate.

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