Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain, rain and more rain

Chucked it down for most of the day, now at getting on for tea time, the rain has stopped but the wind is something else.....

Into town early, business at the council concluded....although we did get some bad news, we notices last night what appears to be Japanese knotweed growing at the side of the shed.......if it has become active again it means we cannot demolish the shed and put a new one in its place........... aarrgghhhh....... so no idea what we are going to have to do now, we badly need a new shed before the present one falls down.

For those of you who do not know the problems associated with knotweed: it is a pernicious plant. Japanese knotweed is a strong-growing, clump-forming perennial, with tall, dense annual stems. Stem growth is renewed each year from the stout, deeply-penetrating rhizomes (creeping underground stems). It can lay dormant in the ground for 20 years!! The risk we run is if we demolish the shed and lay a new base, we could cause the rhizomes which may be in the ground under the shed to re - activate. We knew that we had some in the garden when we moved in, it was treated but it appears to have started to grow again at the side of the shed. It can grow up to 10cms a day till it reaches 7foot!! It is a real problem and has been the cause of people not being able to sell their house with Knotweed in the garden. It can also break through concrete and brickwork, causing extensive damage. It is impossible to dig out, you only have to leave a tiny bit in the ground and it will re grow. The rhizomes can go down up to 30ft.

DB went to get his lens put back in his glasses whilst I went to Lidl for some supplies.....driving home it was tipping it down, so cold I put the heating back on.

Our neighbour is coming out of the hospice tomorrow for a trail run at home, they are going to have someone sleep in so B can get a decent nights sleep and be more able to cope with P during the day. I did have quite a serious conversation with her yesterday, not sure if it all went in, but I do know that several other people have had the same conversation with her, so we are all singing from the same Hymn sheet so to speak.

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, will see the lady who commissioned the ring pillow, hope the wedding went off OK.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight, more strawberries from the garden.....yum yum.

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