Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Quiet day

A better nights sleep, DB brought my breakfast through, he spent the morning in the garden.

Load of laundry hung out and dried. I have re- loaded the machine ready for tonight. Hopefully it will dry tomorrow.

This afternoon we took some stuff to the charity shop at the day centre and then carried on to see our travelling pastor friends. They are off on Thursday again. We spent a very pleasant hour chatting and drinking tea.

I still have not sorted the bags of fabric out, but have had an idea, I am going to make some bags from some of the fabric and see if the shop at Dove Cottage would like to sell some of them. I have a load of my own fabric to use up, I am wanting to slim down my stocks.

Eggs, wedges and baked beans for supper, strawberry for dessert, I think they will be finished by the the end of this week. We will then be picking raspberries.

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  1. It's good you're better rested and have had a pleasant day.

    I look forward to seeing what projects those fabric scraps in the bags will lend themselves to! Fabric bags are a good idea as more and more people are using them when shopping.

    Sunny and hot again today but rain is possible tomorrow and Thursday.



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