Monday, 12 June 2017

Not feeling Great

I was awake in the night for about 3 hours, finally drifted off just after 5am.

Up and stripped the bed, sheets on the line, although it keeps clouding over, there is still quite a breeze, very gusty. Hope they dry, do not want wet washing hanging about.

I have done the wet room and loo, remade the bed, just have the carpet to shove the Dyson over and thats me finished, doing nothing else apart from get the supper which is cold meat and salad. DB is out pottering in the garden, disgusted because something has eaten away the bottom of a celariac........... tying up tomato's and loosening the soil round the onions and garlic.

We were taking B to Downton to pick up her curtains, but P is not well, so she has put it off. They know that there is nothing to be done re P's condition, its soul destroying for both of them. I feel he should have stayed in the hospice, but he wanted to come home, so home he came regardless of the stress on B. She is 90 this year!! We do what we can to help, but its not a lot.

Our neighbour over the fence is back from her holiday in Bulgaria, she has a son out there, goes twice a year in the cooler months. She has a line of laundry out too.

Another large bowl of strawberries picked, will take a few over for P to have.

DB went with another bowls club member to do their stint of cleaning, they have a rota. Not much to do, it had been cleaned last week and no one had been in the club house, so a quick waft round with a duster and the hoover, swished the loos and home.

I did have an hour on the bed, but did not manage to sleep, may go to bed early tonight, will see.

The bed linen dried on the line, its folded now waiting to be ironed maybe tomorrow.

Supper cold lamb, celery and tomato salad jacket spuds.....strawberries for dessert.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your wakeful night. DH was awake most of last night, too, but he thinks that is the fault of a strong cup of coffee he made for himself early yesterday arvo. He's mostly decaffeinated as am I (apart from a cup of caf. coffee for breakfast).

    Is there a Hospice visiting nurse and aide who can help P with B for baths and to help him feel better with medicines? AMIL had help from Hospice when she had FIL at home for his last 6 months and it made a world of difference to them.

    How kind of you to share strawberries with P and B.

    Has DB tried little bowls of beer in the garden beds to keep the critters away from the celariac and other veggies?

    Hope you had a restful day after completing your Monday clean up and that you and DH each sleep well tonight.


  2. It is so heartbreaking to watch when your loved one's health is failing. Harder when your not so well yourself and you're the caretaker. You are a good neighbor Anne/SBBE. I dread when that time comes for us and I already have to watch after hubby and he is just in his early 60's. Hope you feel better!


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