Monday, 5 June 2017

Murky Monday

I put laundry in the washer, by the time the washer had finished it was grey and pouring with rain.......hey ho, it was not supposed to rain until after lunch. Will see if it clears up.

Monday clean done, I steam cleaned the wet room and the floor, also gave the marks on the sitting room carpet a bit of a blast, does not seem to have done much good. 

Had another chap come to looks at the shed job, not impressed, a bit of a fly by night, wants to put concrete down, something we were warned against as the soil is heavy clay. Will see what his quote comes in at. We have someone else coming in later this afternoon.

DB picked a few more strawberries, enough for supper tonight, we need sun to ripen the rest.

Doing a bit of financial forecasting, we will have replaced the cost of moving here by the beginning of September. Good news, its only taken us two years. Mind you I have really concentrated since Christmas. I need to check and see how much savings we can have before it affects our benefits!! We have a visit to the council toorrow, it appears they have lost info we sent them in January!! I have proof they had it, we still have the receipt!!

Supper tonight, egg, chips and beans..........

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