Thursday, 22 June 2017

Much cooler

No sun this morning, very grey and overcast.

Into Melton first thing to collect the sprayer and also a couple of things from Lidl. There were spots of rain on the way back, but by the time we got home the rain was not in sight. At lunch time it was looking a bit black.........

DB started weeding the front garden ready for more of the wood chip to go down tomorrow.

I watered the pots close to the house and then picked some rhubarb for our over the fence neighbour. There is quite a lot up there, I think I will be pulling some for the freezer.

DB came in with a dish of strawberries, he had found a baby blackbird under the net eating strawberries, he took the net off so the bird could fly away.

No plans for the afternoon, might watch the racing from Ascot, or maybe start hand sewing the binding down on the tree skirt.

Supper tonight ham salad with new potato's.

The Hydrangea in the back is one I grew from a cutting.

Rose on the arch.

Another rose on the arch, this one has not climbed very far but is full of flower.


  1. . . . . . aaah a baby blackbird raiding the strawberry patch, how cute is that!
    Wish you could pass some lovely rhubarb over my fence, haha!

    We have had Aldi close by for several years and I do shop there for certain things and like it. We now have our first Lidl being constructed just a few minutes from the house - they are opening across the US en masse - and I'm excited to give it a try. Do you like one more than the other?

    Mary x

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  3. Barbara's comment for today...

    "I'm so glad the weather is nicer and that you got the needed sprayer plus items from Lidl. It sounds like your arvo was also serene and pleasant with hand sewing (maybe) and an interesting race to watch.

    Your garden photos are lovely and am glad the roses are doing well. The "lemonade hydrangeas" DH planted here are just annoyingly leggy and currently have no blooms. Give me the old fashioned "Mop Head" blue, pink, or purple hydrangeas every time. Sigh!

    Summer has announced its arrival with a 90* high here today so it's good to stay inside where the air conditioning is. Perhaps I can tidy my cutting table as I've discovered four matching 10" Evening Star blocks I'd like to play with. Perhaps a little 2 over 2 wall quilt?


  4. We had a mixed bag of weather today, thunderstorms, rain and sunshine plus the dreaded humidity. Your roses are beautiful, it is a good year for roses here the bushes are overflowing with blossoms. Went to my quilting pot luck dinner/meeting tonight. We will meet again in September.


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