Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Lovely Day

Woke this morning to a lovely sunny day, laundry washed overnight, hung out and now almost dry.

OH cut the front grass, hopes to do the back this afternoon, I went round and watered the pots that were in the shade, yesterday I had to pour a whole watering can of rain water on the Rhododendron in the back, the leaves were showing signs of severe wilt, thankfully it has recovered this morning.

Looking at the laurel hedge between us and our neighbour, its on her ground, so I think we can gain a good 2ft of garden if we cut it back to the fence, it will allow us to site the sentry box at the back of the house under the overhang. Will have to ask her if she minds us cutting it back. We sat drinking our morning tea in the garden.

Not done much, cooked the salmon for tonights supper, want to make some potato salad to go with it with a mixed salad, used up the coleslaw on Monday.

DB has a hospital appointment on Friday, we are going into Leicester early so I can go to Bon Marche and see if I can find something for the wedding and we also need stuff from the big Wilkinson. We stand more chance of getting it there than in the small Wilko's in Melton.

Need to iron the bed linen from Monday, might do it this afternoon whilst DB has his siesta, I also want to put the binding on the table runner and start to sort out the fabric in the bags.

Gave our neighbour strawberries. DB is away to see if there are enough for supper tonight. So salmon and salad with strawberries and ice cream, yum yum.

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