Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Its raining Yay!!

It started raining during the night and is continuing this morning. We could do with it like this for several days, the ground is so dried out.

Techie man has been and sorted out DB with the reading app, I have ordered a cheap tablet for him so he can use borrowbox and read in bed instead of having to take the lap top to bed with him. Bust the budget a bit, never mind, did a bit of jiggling to pay for it.

Toad in the hole with veg tonight. I ordered 3 dinners from WFF they came this morning, so should the unforseen happen there are meals in the freezer for DB.

I am about to cut out 4 table mats and experiment with grandmothers fan in the corner......I have quite a few scraps in the scrap box, hoping to be able to use them for the fans.

DB is not able to garden today, we have started getting trouble with the blasted cat from across the road using the wood chip for a toilet, that is what killed the lavender in the first place. The scarer seems to have stopped working, I need to charge up the battery. Some one also recommended extra strong chilli powder, she says it works on her garden, she gets it from Asda, will message her and ask her to get me some the next time she is in.

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