Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Happy Birthday DB

Thankfully its cloudy, although still a bit muggy, its a relief after the last 3 days of heat. I had to take anti histamine this morning, I had a bite on my arm.......

Today is DB's 84th birthday, he admitted this morning he did not think he would still be here, but he is and in as good health as he will ever be in now.

His sister rang this morning to wish him a happy birthday, they usually speak on birthdays, Christmas etc.......

More strawberries picked this morning,possibly more to go in the freezer, DB thinks we have picked well over 20 lbs now.

Sad news from our neighbour P has been re-admitted to LOROS, and will not be coming home again. B is naturally very upset, she has gone in to see him today. The hospice have told her that she can stay if she wishes to and can have a bed in P's room as he nears the end of his life.

We are very sad, when we first came to have a sneaky look at the bungalow in May 2015, P offered to show us round their bungalow, so we could see what it was like, we have been friends ever since. We commented this morning how sad it has been to see P's decline. 2 years ago he was a bright articulate chap still enjoying his retirement. OK he had his problems, it has been hard to watch. We will keep a watching brief over B.

DB elected to go out for lunch. He wanted to go to 'NicePie' they make pork and other pies in the vale, in 4 years they have won 49 prizes for their pies and also appeared on Jamie Olivers TV show back in 2014.

The birthday boy.

We decided on a ploughman's each, there was the equivalent of a small pork pie on each plate, a slice of ham, DB had cheddar cheese I had stilton, salad, bread and butter, slices of apple, pickle and mustard. It was most enjoyable, although we did come home with a goodie bag, 4 slices of pork pie, just could not eat it all. DB had milk to drink, I had a pot of tea.

I had a bit of a disaster with the lemon drizzle cake, as I was taking it out of the tin it broke, however, after a night in the fridge it was ok, so we gave it to the lady on the counter at the wood yard. The wood is ordered, I also ordered trellis for the side of the coal shed and it will be delivered, along with another bag of wood chip on Friday.

Back home DB is having his siesta, I am going to read for a while.

It will be sandwiches for supper.......the pork pie we brought home will do us another couple of lunches.

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