Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Goodness me its windy

We may have sunny skies, but the wind is still with us, some damage in the garden.

We walked round to the chapel for coffee, the rowan tree at the side of the churchyard had split in half, it looks most peculiar now. Quite a few people turned up for coffee so a good cross section and plenty of chat. My friend E brought some things she had made for the fair in November, one was a cute hanging made in the style of a bird house. I have asked her to make me one. She has a car full of fabric for me from the lady who runs the gallery, it is being brought round this afternoon, I will see what I can do with it, its mostly curtain samples I think.

I had a phone call from B, P is not coming out today, he has a chest infection, so they are keeping him a bit longer. Fingers crossed it does not develop into pneumonia!! B has gone in to see him. 

DB is bowling this afternoon, just the social bowls they have started on a Wednesday afternoon, so he will be home for supper, I am going to do bacon and egg. Not many strawberries today. I need to put a loaf on as well, almost out of bread again.

After yesterdays blow re the shed, I may have found an answer to the problem, but we need advice from the council as to whether we can use it, its a base which does not need to be dug into the ground, but sits above it, there are anchor points at the corners which are knocked into the ground. I am going to ask for a  site visit with the council surveyor and a horticulturist. I am desperate  to get a new shed.

We will soon be digging the second early potatoes, it will make a change from the awful spuds I have had to buy recently, they break up badly when they are boiled, so have been having to steam them.

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