Saturday, 10 June 2017

Funny sort of day

It was rather dark this morning, but we have blue skies now, the wind has risen again and the clouds are scudding across the sky.

I took my neighbour B into Morrison's this morning, she managed to get all she wanted and a bit more besides, which was good. DB had gone across to sit with P and by the sounds of it they had a good chat about various things, mostly the war, from what I could gather. We sat and had a cup of tea with them before we came home. 

P and B both know he is now on end of life care, they seem to have accepted it. The night went ok with the sleeper. B got 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, the lady was up with P and made tea which they sat and drank. She got him up and dressed before she left this morning. 

I bought a shoulder of lamb, we have decided to have it tomorrow for supper, so garlic and rosemary in the slits and red wine in the bag, will keep turning it each time I go into the fridge. I also bought a tray of 4 lemon muffins for afternoon tea.

No sewing this afternoon, I am going to sit and read. DB went for his siesta, and has been out in the garden. Its still very windy. 

Ham and cheese fritatta, salad, jacket spud and strawberries for supper.

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