Friday, 2 June 2017


Busy morning, Friday clean done,  put the Ken Dodd round the ceiling and the tops of the walls. washed the kitchen floor as well.

DB was out in the garden, he has picked the first strawberries for dessert tonight. I will make some strawberry fluff to go with them.

Its another sunny morning although there is a breeze and it does cloud over from time to time.

Went over to see my neighbour last night, they are talking about sending P home, she has told them no way is she having him home until they have a care package in place for him, she just cannot manage him on her own anymore. She has not gone in to visit today, having a day off. Her son will take her in tomorrow and she is hoping he will speak to the Drs.

I might do a bit of sewing whilst OH is having his siesta, I have the last block for a table runner half done. Waiting for a delivery of backing fabric for various mats and things. I really hope the Artisan Fair goes well, I need to get some cash back.

Its the wedding this weekend, so should get some feedback re the pillow at the coffee morning next wednesday. I hope they like it!!

I am still feeling quite tired, although I did sleep quite well last night.

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