Friday, 16 June 2017

Busy day

But not productive in some ways better in others.

First stop a local shopping centre to pick up a pump on to Argos for said sprayer, no stock. We then went to Bon Marche where I did pick up a dress and shrug which I think will be ok for 'the wedding' as well as a skirt and tee shirt and some new knickers, some of mine are Sunday knickers, very holey!! My mother would have a fit, how embarrassing if I got knocked over and had holey knickers on!! Walking through the shopping mall we met DGD and the baby, he was fast asleep. We met again later, he was awake but not in a good mood, he wanted feeding.

DJ not too happy!!

Cum on Mum, I'm starving!!

On to the hospital for DB's appointment. The consultant was 1 1/2 hours behind, we finally made it to see a nurse practitioner after an hour and 35 minutes, good news, DB has been discharged, so he now has no follow up appointments.....hooray.

On to quilting friend, who had tea and sandwiches ready for us, we were starving. Our usual happy visit, drinking tea and putting the world to rights.

Traffic on the way home was horrendous, just sheer volume of traffic, we were glad to get home. There had been a vehicle fire on the M1 which had added to the traffic on the local roads.

No fish and chips tonight, we are still full from lunch.

Its been another nice day, but we still have quite a blustery wind. 20th - 21st June is looming.....the nights will start drawing in again.

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