Thursday, 8 June 2017

Another windy day

Wind blowing a hoolie again this morning, I thought it was supposed to drop yesterday........

A bit of a rant........

I have blogged before about a certain blogger ramming her views down peoples throat, this time she really has gone too far....she published a blog entry yesterday telling every one how they should vote and why.........sorry but my political views are mine and like people who ram religion down my throat I do not want to be dictated to which is what she is doing, OK I do not have to take her advice, but if she feels so strongly why is she not giving up her two homes, fancy sports car and highly paid job to stand herself?

I guess thats me off her blog list........

We are planning a trip up to the shed people this afternoon, I need info about the base they produce so I have all the relevant information at hand when the chap from the council comes out to see us. I have inspected the offending growth closely, I do not think it is knotweed, although it is growing very close to where the growth was previously, it is certainly not growing at the rate of knots I would expect, it can grow 10 - 20 cms a day.

This is the shed we have been looking at. We need to sort out the base depending on what the council surveyor says.

Our neighbour called in last night, they are sending her husband home today, I just hope everything goes OK. I will do what I can to help. I know she wants to go and collect her curtains from Downton, so I hope we can arrange to do that, if she feels she cannot leave P long enough to go, maybe I can go and collect them for her,

Two large bags appeared in the hall yesterday, samples of fabric I was promised, not sure what I am going to do with some of them, but will have to sort through .......there is one piece I found which will make a carpet type bag.I will need to get some webbing for handles though.

Mince and dough balls for supper, so off to prep it so I just have to reheat the mince and cook the dough balls and veg when we get back this afternoon.


  1. Don't get upset Anne - I've just read that and thought 'two faced so and so' but she doesn't have the impact she had a few years back and there's only a few comments to it unlike the days when she had loads of people commenting - I think a lot of people have stopped following or just don't bother to read her posts any more.
    I hope it's not japanese knotweed again - it's a nasty plant to get rid of. Hope you manage to sort the shed base too. Xxx

  2. Hope you can let the blow-hard be ignored and get on with your much more delightful doings! Her loss, not yours.

    Wishing you well on sorting out the garden puzzlement about the knotweed or whatever it is so your new and sturdy shed can be built.

    Hope all is manageable for P with her hubby back home. Am glad you and others are able to lend a hand when needed.

    Have fun imagining what all that fabric can be used for!

    Today is our last cool day before summer heat is due to hit and I so dread it. I just cannot endure heat as I could when younger.

    After lunch, I am determined to cut green strips and sew.


  3. I stopped looking at that blog when she bought the house abroad. She is not worth the time. I have followed your blog since Silver Sewer and you are so down to earth. I do hope that you get your shed sorted out.

  4. What a nice, roomy shed you have pictured! It will certainly be a delight to have a freezer and all the gardening tools plus others things out of the house and within a sturdy locked shelter.


  5. Yes I saw that post! She talks crap and contradicts herself all the time but if you point it out, you get verbally abused!

    1. Oh she really does my head , ignore her, she is rude and annoying

  6. Nice shed. Almost too nice to keep a mower and pots in.

    Ah, Dear Reader, that blog has truly jumped the shark. Remember the rants about holiday home owners in her area taking housing away from local young couples. She's such a hypocrite and is going to do the exact same thing but it's different because it's her!

  7. What a great shed, i can see why you would like it.
    Oh dear me that blog you refer to is so annoying, she just preaches to people. Do we really want to know about her holiday home. Some idiots will not see that she is using her blog as a marketing tool for renting it out!! Does she think she invented thriftiness, my god dont get in tens of thousands of pounds of debt in the first place. Sorry rant over. Xx


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