Saturday, 17 June 2017

Another sunny day

Its another lovely sunny day, the wind has dropped at last, just a slight cooling breeze every now and then. Its really warm in the back garden.

Friday clean done this morning, DB decided to sit and read in the garden, he is bowling this afternoon, he has taken his panama with him.

More strawberries picked, I have 2lbs in the freezer will use them to make some jam, we started picking 2nd June roughly a pound a day, various people have shared the bounty and we have enjoyed having strawberries for dessert. We now have to net the raspberries they are starting to colour up. DB caught a blackbird jumping up trying to peck one.

No sewing this afternoon, I decided to just sit, relax and read, I fell asleep at one point.

Tomorrow we need to nip into Melton, its DB's birthday on Tuesday and DD2 wants us to collect his present. He knows what it is, she asked him what he wanted and he opted for a draw hoe for the Wolf gardening system he has.

DB gets his tea tonight, so just myself to feed, no idea what I am going to have, will have to have a rummage through the freezer, mind you I could have one of the WFF meals I bought, might have a gander see whats left. I need to order some more so there is always a weeks meals in the freezer for DB 'just in case'. I know DD2 will always feed him on Sunday.

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