Thursday, 15 June 2017

Another sad day

Thoughts today with those people caught up in the dreadful fire, heads have to roll, it was a death trap and I guess many of those who died will be mostly unidentifiable. Once again the emergency services have done their job wonderfully. It must be hell on earth for those firefighters, knowing people were trapped and not being able to save them. 

It beggars belief that there were thought to be 600 people in 120 flats, they must have been crammed in like sardines in a tin. 

Those people have literally lost was so wonderful to see how the public responded in the first place to give food and clothing. How long they will have to wait to get accommodation is another matter, They will not have insurance. Many appeared to be immigrants, proving who they are without their documents will be a nightmare and a lot have also lost several family members.

OH is in the garden mowing the lawn, he is a menace with the mower, this morning he has ar**d over a large pot with a hosta in it and broken the pot. It was one of a pair we were given as wedding presents 20 years ago. I have tied it up with string for now, once the hosta dies down I will transfer it to another large pot we have and maybe split it.

Belly pork tonight, I usually do it as a stew with beans, but its very lean so will roast it in the remoska, we will have it with mash and veg. Strawberries for dessert of course.

Still picking lots of strawberries, neighbours will be getting fed up soon. I might weigh todays and freeze them, can make jam later, even if its only a couple of pots.

Ideas forming re my next project for the Artisan fair in November, based on Dresden plates, or maybe grandmothers fan for table mats. I need to find the pattern for the Christmas tree wall hanging as well, I can use up scraps for that too. Just now the 3/4 tree skirt is on the table I need to cut the wadding and backing and quilt it. My sewing machine has the accufeed system which makes it very easy to quilt thick things and also sew binding on. I had it on my 12000, its brilliant, so was delighted to find it on this machine too.

Finished yesterday. Sorry just realised the hanger is not on straight so it looks a bit squint!!

This afternoon I cut out the wadding and backing for the tree skirt, I have quilted it and its now ready to be bound, need to cut the binding on the cross and decide which bits to bind first.


  1. That horrid fire was indeed a tragedy in so many sad ways but the outpouring of support was lovely.

    Due to my GI bothers I cannot have strawberries because of the seeds and I love strawberries. Sigh, sniffle! In the great scheme of things this in next to nothing, but I do look longingly at the strawberries in the store.

    Applause, applause! Your holiday table runner or wall quilt is just beautiful!! I do have "accufeed" envy though!

    One outer border on "Emerald Isle" and it will be ready to layer and quilt. :)


  2. I am ready to replace my old sewing machine, can I ask you what is the make and model number of yours? I have inherited a lot of quilting material from my mother and would love to do something with it.

    1. Eleanor, if you send me your email address I will reply to your question, I can give you guidance about buying a new machine. Obviously I will not publish your addy.


  3. When I worked for the council Anne, I once went out to do a visit to a gentleman in a bedsit and found 9 of his family had come over from India and was living with him in the bed sit! Talk about a fire risk! - The last team I managed was responsible for all the fire systems in the flats - we had a fire once at a 3 storey block where an elderly gentleman died from the smoke and 6 families lost their homes - I can honestly say it was one of the hardest days of my working life - you just feel so much for those people, for what they've been through but you've got to stay professional and do what needs to be done to help those customers. We had to have interviews with the Fire Officer and the Health and Safety Exec which was hard but we were exonerated of any blame as everything was in place and correct - I would imagine that the colleagues where I used to work are running round like blue bottomed flies at the moment as the Housing Trust cladded all our multi's just like that block glad I'm retired!
    Your wall hanging is beautiful Anne - you are a clever lady xx

  4. So shockingly sad to see that apartment fire on the news. The response by so many is heartening though.


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