Monday, 19 June 2017

Another hot day in store

Not so hot when we got up this morning. DB took the car round to the garage for its MOT, had to have a search for the last certificate, found it pinned to the back of the bill. We have to collect the car at 5pm, fingers crossed all is well.

Picked more strawberries, another pound in the freezer and two dishes for tonight, also gave our neighbour a few to have for her tea.

DB sorted out the net and we have netted the raspberries which are starting to ripen up, they will be the next thing, we have summer and autumn fruiting ones.

Some pictures taken in the garden this morning.......

One of the roses on the arch, this is supposed to be a climbing rose, its been in 2 years and this is as far as its climbed.

The rose on the other side has done better, a second flush of flowers, delightful smell.

The beans are starting to climb and there are one or two flowers.

Courgette in flower.


This is a lupin I put in a few weeks ago, I used the cut off plastic bottle to protect the growth from the slugs and snails. I need to take it off now.

Looking up the garden, the lavetera is full of lower.

Lots more buds to come out, in the spring it will get cut down.

DB is still out in the garden, I have told him he is to come in at 11am before the sun gets to its hotest.

I have had the fan on in the sitting room most of the morning, the sun is starting to move round to the back.

I have a lemon drizzle cake to make. I promised the lads at the wood yard one, we need to go and order the rest of the wood for the deep beds. As tomorrow is DB's 84th birthday we are going out to lunch at Nice Pie........more tomorrow.

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