Friday, 30 June 2017

A Fine Day

It eventually stopped raining last night, the ground was damp this morning, but it has dried up as the day has gone on.

It was so cold yesterday afternoon I lit the fire......almost July!!

Two more mats done, just have one to quilt and then cut the binding and sew it on. 

Friday clean done, even hoovered up the carpet in the sewing room, lots of bits of thread etc. It looks quite tidy in there just now. How long for is another matter.

DB was out in the garden, half a bowl of raspberries, so that dessert for tonight sorted. I have more new spuds to use up so we are having fish with new spuds and peas, hive chips a rest for a week.

DB is bowling on Sunday, so I will cook our sunday supper tomorrow instead, he will get his tea. I guess it will be bacon sarnies before he goes. Need to put a loaf on tomorrow, we have just finished the last loaf at lunch time.

DB is getting to grips with his tablet, it works differently to my IPad, so its a learning curve for me too, I have loaded borrowbook and also his forty thieves game he plays, so he is happy for now.

I have discovered where our friend from round the corner has gone, she is in a flat in Bottesford, I will send her a note and we will nip over and see her. Maybe we can take her shopping to Aldi when we go.....I am pleased we know where she is at last, several people have asked me if I knew where she had gone. Our local pastor told me this morning and gave me the address.


When DB got up after his siesta we decided to go over and see P, she was delighted to see us. She had been wondering how to get in touch with us let let us know where she was. 

She has a really nice little flat, hall, sitting room kitchen bedroom and en suite with a walk in shower. Moved in at the weekend, she has one or two bits more to get and then she will be very comfortable and happy.

We have arranged to go over next week and take her to Aldi in Bingham to stock up her cupboards and freezer.

We were pleased to see her looking so well. She is making the effort to get to know her fellow residents which is really good.

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