Friday, 30 June 2017

A Fine Day

It eventually stopped raining last night, the ground was damp this morning, but it has dried up as the day has gone on.

It was so cold yesterday afternoon I lit the fire......almost July!!

Two more mats done, just have one to quilt and then cut the binding and sew it on. 

Friday clean done, even hoovered up the carpet in the sewing room, lots of bits of thread etc. It looks quite tidy in there just now. How long for is another matter.

DB was out in the garden, half a bowl of raspberries, so that dessert for tonight sorted. I have more new spuds to use up so we are having fish with new spuds and peas, hive chips a rest for a week.

DB is bowling on Sunday, so I will cook our sunday supper tomorrow instead, he will get his tea. I guess it will be bacon sarnies before he goes. Need to put a loaf on tomorrow, we have just finished the last loaf at lunch time.

DB is getting to grips with his tablet, it works differently to my IPad, so its a learning curve for me too, I have loaded borrowbook and also his forty thieves game he plays, so he is happy for now.

I have discovered where our friend from round the corner has gone, she is in a flat in Bottesford, I will send her a note and we will nip over and see her. Maybe we can take her shopping to Aldi when we go.....I am pleased we know where she is at last, several people have asked me if I knew where she had gone. Our local pastor told me this morning and gave me the address.


When DB got up after his siesta we decided to go over and see P, she was delighted to see us. She had been wondering how to get in touch with us let let us know where she was. 

She has a really nice little flat, hall, sitting room kitchen bedroom and en suite with a walk in shower. Moved in at the weekend, she has one or two bits more to get and then she will be very comfortable and happy.

We have arranged to go over next week and take her to Aldi in Bingham to stock up her cupboards and freezer.

We were pleased to see her looking so well. She is making the effort to get to know her fellow residents which is really good.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Yes, its still raining, I am not complaining but DB is......he cannot get out into the garden, it is forecast to clear, but we know hoe good the forecasting is don't we???

I am not bothered about the rain, we need it so badly.

I spent yesterday afternoon layering up the delectable mountain mats I made, have quilted two of them using embroidery stitches on the machine, I darned in 72 thread ends last night, do not want them coming undone. I hope to get a couple more done today, will see how it goes. I had forgotten I had made the mats, so the grandmothers fan ones are on hold. I might not make them after all but go on the do the christmas tree hangings.

The tablet I ordered for DB will be delivered this morning, something else I will have to grapple with to set it up. It will be easier for him to manage then the digital reader on his lap top.

We will both get new books from the library van when it comes on Monday, but they rarely last us the full month and the choice is very limited. DB asked me to look for Quintin Jardine books, two he has not read. They were not available through the library, I ended up buying second hand copies for him, he will pay for them from his pocket money. We both enjoy the books about Bob Skinner, not sure if QJ will write any more now BS has retired.

Two more mats quilted and the ends darned in, I have one to go. Sorted out the mess on the bed in the sewing room, all the fabric has been put away, I have also moved things around a bit and now have all my threads close to my machine, I can reach them from my chair.

DB's tablet arrived and I have partially set it up, I have to find out how to change the time from Mexico to UK. He has loaded two books to read and also the forty thieves game he likes to play.

B has gone in to see P apparently he has had a fall, he was going for an XRay on his leg this morning. 

Supper bacon fritatta with new potato's, green beans and sweetcorn. No rasps DB has not been out to pick today, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Its raining Yay!!

It started raining during the night and is continuing this morning. We could do with it like this for several days, the ground is so dried out.

Techie man has been and sorted out DB with the reading app, I have ordered a cheap tablet for him so he can use borrowbox and read in bed instead of having to take the lap top to bed with him. Bust the budget a bit, never mind, did a bit of jiggling to pay for it.

Toad in the hole with veg tonight. I ordered 3 dinners from WFF they came this morning, so should the unforseen happen there are meals in the freezer for DB.

I am about to cut out 4 table mats and experiment with grandmothers fan in the corner......I have quite a few scraps in the scrap box, hoping to be able to use them for the fans.

DB is not able to garden today, we have started getting trouble with the blasted cat from across the road using the wood chip for a toilet, that is what killed the lavender in the first place. The scarer seems to have stopped working, I need to charge up the battery. Some one also recommended extra strong chilli powder, she says it works on her garden, she gets it from Asda, will message her and ask her to get me some the next time she is in.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


It has been a much duller day, we still have the breeze and there have been a couple of rain showers, not much though, hardly wet the ground.

DB was in the garden this morning, he made up some of the stinky comfrey feed and watered all the veg and some of the plants in the border. I knew when he came into the house he had been at the comfrey it really does hink, but it makes a good feed for plants.

I did the ironing from yesterday and then continued with 'The Bag'

Its finished...boy was it hard to sew, the fabric is heavy taperstry, it has a pocked on the front, lined with three pockets inside and a squared bottom. I need to make a covered piece to fit in the borrom, need to look for a stout piece of cardboard.

There is more tapestry fabric in the bags I was given, but will not be doing another bag for a while, there is some lighter curtain samples, going to look at those to maybe make a patchwork sewing bag or some such, depends what I find.

Stovies for supper...raspberries for dessert.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Rain? what rain?

Once again we woke to blue sky, sunshine and a slight breeze, its hot in the sun. No rain so I guess we will be watering again tonight.

Bed stripped, now on the line blowing lazily in the slight breeze, just enough to keep cool. Monday clean done......

DB cut the front grass, he had a job to do in the front but he says it will have to wait until its cooler, the sun will move round to the back around mid day. He is pottering in the back just now. The raspberries are picking well.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed down some of the binding on the tree skirt, I made myself use 2 needles of thread, then filled the needles for today. Cut out a bag and straps from the tapestry fabric that was in the bag of fabric I was given. I found some fabric which tones in well for the lining. The fabric frays like mad, I used a whole bobbin of cotton to overlock the sides of the fabric, had to refill it to start sewing, pocket is made and lined, I just have to turn it back out and clip the corners, they are too thick as they are. Need to sort out the handles, I am hoping to sew down the seam and then turn them through, again the fabric is too thick to make handles the usual way, I can see this is going to be fun. Will put a pocket on the lining as well.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper tonight. I need to go through the freezer, I am hoping not to have to go shopping until the middle of next week.....fingers crossed.

The postman knocked at the door at lunch time.......

The lavender was full of liny butterflies and bees, I just managed to catch a couple.

First time I have seen so many bees and butterflies on the lavender by the front gate.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


The forecast for today was rain......where is it then, its fine, slight sunshine with a breeze.....I did not strip the bed because of the forecast........Emptied the laundry basket, the laundry will shortly be on the line. The forecast have been all up the alley since Wednesday, just a couple of showers, no heavy thunder storms as we were told there would be.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.

The remains of the wood chippings, you can see the size of the original bag, it was full to the top.

DB had been out this morning cutting back the ivy in our side, we now need someone with a pruning saw to cut the smaller branches and an electric saw to cut down the main trunk. It will then be drilled and SBK put in the holes. Covered with a plastic bag in a couple of years it should be dead and we will be able to remove the stump......heres hoping.

No plans for the rest of the day apart from getting the supper, roast pork. I may start sewing down the binding on the tree skirt, on the other hand I might just sit and read.

Saturday, 24 June 2017


A little sun first thing, but a breeze which keeps it cooler.

After breakfast we started spreading the wood mulch on the front garden, I am positive this bag is bigger than the last one. We completed one side of the garden and then stopped for lunch.

When we went round the back out side neighbour was cutting back the ivy with secateurs, DB offered to go round with the loppers, of course I had to get roped in as well.....however we have cleared it mostly from her side, the rest needs clearing from ours. It will have to wait another day.

The orchid from the bathroom, there are 2 flower stalks on this one.

DB has had his siesta, he is watching the last day at Ascot, we will be going out shortly to finish putting the wood chips down on the front, and then I will see if I can get it round to the back garden, its too big to lift so it will have to be dragged. I will then shovel it into the wheel barrow to tip it on the paths between the veg beds.

DB has taken the net off the strawberries, he is picking raspberries now.......

Officially crackered, all the front flower beds are covered with a deep layer of wood chip, by this time next year it will need doing again. We have over half the sack left for the paths at the back. Dragged the bag round, so now I need to sit and recover.

Macaroni and cheese for supper, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad. We will finish off the strawberries for dessert.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another dull day

It is very grey and windy, we keep getting small showers, nothing like the storms we were told to expect.

We were up at 7.30, the wood arrived at 7.45, same chap as before, soon unloaded and on the front grass, I have moved the wood round to the back, we might start and empty the wood chippings this afternoon. DB has almost finished weeding the front beds. I need to seriously think about plants to fill up the empty spaces.

I have a feeling that P is fading fast. The actual LOROS mini bus arrived to pick B up just before 9.30 this morning, she was not carrying a bag when she got into the bus......we are wondering if they have called her in. She does not usually go in until about 11am. Time will tell.

I washed the bath towels they are dancing on the line, despite the showers they are drying in the wind, I may fetch them in and finish them off on the airer although the sky appears to be clearing.

The fields round about us are shorn of their crops, the farmers have been busy harvesting during the fine spell, tractors lorries and combine harvesters along the roads.......the rolls of silage and hay are appearing in the farm yards.

The strawberries have almost finished, DB picked half a bowl of raspberries this morning. I need to get some sugar and make the strawberry jam, I also plan to make some strawberry and rhubarb for a change. No chance of the raspberries getting frozen, DB loves them more than strawberries.

I have mounted the piece of trellis against the coal house, it needs screwing on then I can start to train the clematis up it. I want it to cover the side of the coal house eventually. Still no news from the council about the shed. DB was on the phone again this morning. He is talking about just going ahead with the shed regardless.......its not going to happen yet. I have to get the cash in the bank first and we need to empty the old shed and get it removed.

I am doing a bit of decluttering in the kitchen cupboards, anything that has not been used in the last 12 months is going out, I have several cake tins which I thought I might use, but cake is not on the menu very often and its usually a lemon drizzle or carrot cake, although I do make the very occasional victoria sponge, I use a deep tin and cut it in half, as I used to do for the teas at Suntrap. I do make scones quite a bit too, not too  much fat and sugar in those, its the butter, jam and cream you put on that does the damage!!

Fish and chips tonight, the first cooked meal for a week, we have been living on salad whilst it has been so hot.

Will be settling down to watch Ascot after lunch whilst DB has his siesta.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Much cooler

No sun this morning, very grey and overcast.

Into Melton first thing to collect the sprayer and also a couple of things from Lidl. There were spots of rain on the way back, but by the time we got home the rain was not in sight. At lunch time it was looking a bit black.........

DB started weeding the front garden ready for more of the wood chip to go down tomorrow.

I watered the pots close to the house and then picked some rhubarb for our over the fence neighbour. There is quite a lot up there, I think I will be pulling some for the freezer.

DB came in with a dish of strawberries, he had found a baby blackbird under the net eating strawberries, he took the net off so the bird could fly away.

No plans for the afternoon, might watch the racing from Ascot, or maybe start hand sewing the binding down on the tree skirt.

Supper tonight ham salad with new potato's.

The Hydrangea in the back is one I grew from a cutting.

Rose on the arch.

Another rose on the arch, this one has not climbed very far but is full of flower.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The sun is back

thanks to a breeze it is not as hot as it has been. We were forecast thunder storms but they have not arrived.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so a light lunch, he will have a siesta before he gets changes. I have given him 2 flasks of water with ice cubes in.

A small load of washing done this morning, just to keep things in check. Its almost dry and ready to be folded and put away.

We spent yesterday afternoon reading, and generally feeling cooler. DB said he enjoyed his day, low key as it was.......

A cooler night to sleep too so better quality of sleep........

I have the binding ready to put on the tree skirt, I will see how I feel may sew it on whilst DB is out.

Wilkinson have phoned the sprayer is in so sw will go and collect it tomorrow, DB phoned the council this morning, we are still waiting for them to come out and look at the garden to see about the shed. 

C came last night and cut back some of the laurel, she is coming at the weekend to cut it back further with the heavy duty loppers, its amazing how much more room there is in the bed already.......once its cut back there will be plenty of room for the small hut at the side of the back bedroom window, without it affecting the light. We need to empty and move it.

No news re our neighbour, B was going in to see him today, a friend taking her and bringing her home. I hope its not going to be too long for her sake.

I down loaded a scan app yesterday and have scanned a load of photographs onto the computer, I will eventually put them on the hard drive for safe keeping, found lots of photos of quilting things I made in the past and also holidays in France when we were looking at going to live there. also some the grandchildren will not be pleased if I publish!!

We are still picking a few strawberries, DB found mrs blackbird stealing this morning, so he has taken the net off the small bed, so its easier to get at the few that are left and she will not get herself tangled in the net.

Supper tonight, the prok pie from yesterday with salad and strawberries to follow.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Happy Birthday DB

Thankfully its cloudy, although still a bit muggy, its a relief after the last 3 days of heat. I had to take anti histamine this morning, I had a bite on my arm.......

Today is DB's 84th birthday, he admitted this morning he did not think he would still be here, but he is and in as good health as he will ever be in now.

His sister rang this morning to wish him a happy birthday, they usually speak on birthdays, Christmas etc.......

More strawberries picked this morning,possibly more to go in the freezer, DB thinks we have picked well over 20 lbs now.

Sad news from our neighbour P has been re-admitted to LOROS, and will not be coming home again. B is naturally very upset, she has gone in to see him today. The hospice have told her that she can stay if she wishes to and can have a bed in P's room as he nears the end of his life.

We are very sad, when we first came to have a sneaky look at the bungalow in May 2015, P offered to show us round their bungalow, so we could see what it was like, we have been friends ever since. We commented this morning how sad it has been to see P's decline. 2 years ago he was a bright articulate chap still enjoying his retirement. OK he had his problems, it has been hard to watch. We will keep a watching brief over B.

DB elected to go out for lunch. He wanted to go to 'NicePie' they make pork and other pies in the vale, in 4 years they have won 49 prizes for their pies and also appeared on Jamie Olivers TV show back in 2014.

The birthday boy.

We decided on a ploughman's each, there was the equivalent of a small pork pie on each plate, a slice of ham, DB had cheddar cheese I had stilton, salad, bread and butter, slices of apple, pickle and mustard. It was most enjoyable, although we did come home with a goodie bag, 4 slices of pork pie, just could not eat it all. DB had milk to drink, I had a pot of tea.

I had a bit of a disaster with the lemon drizzle cake, as I was taking it out of the tin it broke, however, after a night in the fridge it was ok, so we gave it to the lady on the counter at the wood yard. The wood is ordered, I also ordered trellis for the side of the coal shed and it will be delivered, along with another bag of wood chip on Friday.

Back home DB is having his siesta, I am going to read for a while.

It will be sandwiches for supper.......the pork pie we brought home will do us another couple of lunches.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Another hot day in store

Not so hot when we got up this morning. DB took the car round to the garage for its MOT, had to have a search for the last certificate, found it pinned to the back of the bill. We have to collect the car at 5pm, fingers crossed all is well.

Picked more strawberries, another pound in the freezer and two dishes for tonight, also gave our neighbour a few to have for her tea.

DB sorted out the net and we have netted the raspberries which are starting to ripen up, they will be the next thing, we have summer and autumn fruiting ones.

Some pictures taken in the garden this morning.......

One of the roses on the arch, this is supposed to be a climbing rose, its been in 2 years and this is as far as its climbed.

The rose on the other side has done better, a second flush of flowers, delightful smell.

The beans are starting to climb and there are one or two flowers.

Courgette in flower.


This is a lupin I put in a few weeks ago, I used the cut off plastic bottle to protect the growth from the slugs and snails. I need to take it off now.

Looking up the garden, the lavetera is full of lower.

Lots more buds to come out, in the spring it will get cut down.

DB is still out in the garden, I have told him he is to come in at 11am before the sun gets to its hotest.

I have had the fan on in the sitting room most of the morning, the sun is starting to move round to the back.

I have a lemon drizzle cake to make. I promised the lads at the wood yard one, we need to go and order the rest of the wood for the deep beds. As tomorrow is DB's 84th birthday we are going out to lunch at Nice Pie........more tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


It was already 70 this morning when we got up, I opened the door to the sitting room and thought the fire was lit, the heat just can rushing towards me.

We went into town, there is a fun day on in the centre and the roads are closed. We went into Lidl, people were flinging stuff in their basket like there was no tomorrow. I looked at the strawberries they were £1.70 a punnet 500gms, so I think we have picked over £20's worth and there are still more to come. I have just put another pound in the freezer for jam.

Called to see DD2, she has started clearing the kitchen ready to get her new units put in, they were over at Ikea sorting out the units she goodness it looks so much better already.

We had coffee and oatcake biscuits, so did not want anything to eat when we got home, DB went straight for his siesta, I have been sitting in the sitting room reading with the fan full on. Not sure if I am going to cook the chicken will see what DB says, its really too hot for a roast dinner, but it has to be cooked sometime.

Now I am going to upset some people who comment anonymously, I am banning anonymous comments from my blog for a while whilst I try and get rid of some really annoying comments which are really bugging me. They are from people not interested in my blog just posting stupid things. I am sorry, but its either ban anon comments or start another new blog, which I really do not want to do.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Another sunny day

Its another lovely sunny day, the wind has dropped at last, just a slight cooling breeze every now and then. Its really warm in the back garden.

Friday clean done this morning, DB decided to sit and read in the garden, he is bowling this afternoon, he has taken his panama with him.

More strawberries picked, I have 2lbs in the freezer will use them to make some jam, we started picking 2nd June roughly a pound a day, various people have shared the bounty and we have enjoyed having strawberries for dessert. We now have to net the raspberries they are starting to colour up. DB caught a blackbird jumping up trying to peck one.

No sewing this afternoon, I decided to just sit, relax and read, I fell asleep at one point.

Tomorrow we need to nip into Melton, its DB's birthday on Tuesday and DD2 wants us to collect his present. He knows what it is, she asked him what he wanted and he opted for a draw hoe for the Wolf gardening system he has.

DB gets his tea tonight, so just myself to feed, no idea what I am going to have, will have to have a rummage through the freezer, mind you I could have one of the WFF meals I bought, might have a gander see whats left. I need to order some more so there is always a weeks meals in the freezer for DB 'just in case'. I know DD2 will always feed him on Sunday.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Busy day

But not productive in some ways better in others.

First stop a local shopping centre to pick up a pump on to Argos for said sprayer, no stock. We then went to Bon Marche where I did pick up a dress and shrug which I think will be ok for 'the wedding' as well as a skirt and tee shirt and some new knickers, some of mine are Sunday knickers, very holey!! My mother would have a fit, how embarrassing if I got knocked over and had holey knickers on!! Walking through the shopping mall we met DGD and the baby, he was fast asleep. We met again later, he was awake but not in a good mood, he wanted feeding.

DJ not too happy!!

Cum on Mum, I'm starving!!

On to the hospital for DB's appointment. The consultant was 1 1/2 hours behind, we finally made it to see a nurse practitioner after an hour and 35 minutes, good news, DB has been discharged, so he now has no follow up appointments.....hooray.

On to quilting friend, who had tea and sandwiches ready for us, we were starving. Our usual happy visit, drinking tea and putting the world to rights.

Traffic on the way home was horrendous, just sheer volume of traffic, we were glad to get home. There had been a vehicle fire on the M1 which had added to the traffic on the local roads.

No fish and chips tonight, we are still full from lunch.

Its been another nice day, but we still have quite a blustery wind. 20th - 21st June is looming.....the nights will start drawing in again.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Another sad day

Thoughts today with those people caught up in the dreadful fire, heads have to roll, it was a death trap and I guess many of those who died will be mostly unidentifiable. Once again the emergency services have done their job wonderfully. It must be hell on earth for those firefighters, knowing people were trapped and not being able to save them. 

It beggars belief that there were thought to be 600 people in 120 flats, they must have been crammed in like sardines in a tin. 

Those people have literally lost was so wonderful to see how the public responded in the first place to give food and clothing. How long they will have to wait to get accommodation is another matter, They will not have insurance. Many appeared to be immigrants, proving who they are without their documents will be a nightmare and a lot have also lost several family members.

OH is in the garden mowing the lawn, he is a menace with the mower, this morning he has ar**d over a large pot with a hosta in it and broken the pot. It was one of a pair we were given as wedding presents 20 years ago. I have tied it up with string for now, once the hosta dies down I will transfer it to another large pot we have and maybe split it.

Belly pork tonight, I usually do it as a stew with beans, but its very lean so will roast it in the remoska, we will have it with mash and veg. Strawberries for dessert of course.

Still picking lots of strawberries, neighbours will be getting fed up soon. I might weigh todays and freeze them, can make jam later, even if its only a couple of pots.

Ideas forming re my next project for the Artisan fair in November, based on Dresden plates, or maybe grandmothers fan for table mats. I need to find the pattern for the Christmas tree wall hanging as well, I can use up scraps for that too. Just now the 3/4 tree skirt is on the table I need to cut the wadding and backing and quilt it. My sewing machine has the accufeed system which makes it very easy to quilt thick things and also sew binding on. I had it on my 12000, its brilliant, so was delighted to find it on this machine too.

Finished yesterday. Sorry just realised the hanger is not on straight so it looks a bit squint!!

This afternoon I cut out the wadding and backing for the tree skirt, I have quilted it and its now ready to be bound, need to cut the binding on the cross and decide which bits to bind first.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Lovely Day

Woke this morning to a lovely sunny day, laundry washed overnight, hung out and now almost dry.

OH cut the front grass, hopes to do the back this afternoon, I went round and watered the pots that were in the shade, yesterday I had to pour a whole watering can of rain water on the Rhododendron in the back, the leaves were showing signs of severe wilt, thankfully it has recovered this morning.

Looking at the laurel hedge between us and our neighbour, its on her ground, so I think we can gain a good 2ft of garden if we cut it back to the fence, it will allow us to site the sentry box at the back of the house under the overhang. Will have to ask her if she minds us cutting it back. We sat drinking our morning tea in the garden.

Not done much, cooked the salmon for tonights supper, want to make some potato salad to go with it with a mixed salad, used up the coleslaw on Monday.

DB has a hospital appointment on Friday, we are going into Leicester early so I can go to Bon Marche and see if I can find something for the wedding and we also need stuff from the big Wilkinson. We stand more chance of getting it there than in the small Wilko's in Melton.

Need to iron the bed linen from Monday, might do it this afternoon whilst DB has his siesta, I also want to put the binding on the table runner and start to sort out the fabric in the bags.

Gave our neighbour strawberries. DB is away to see if there are enough for supper tonight. So salmon and salad with strawberries and ice cream, yum yum.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Quiet day

A better nights sleep, DB brought my breakfast through, he spent the morning in the garden.

Load of laundry hung out and dried. I have re- loaded the machine ready for tonight. Hopefully it will dry tomorrow.

This afternoon we took some stuff to the charity shop at the day centre and then carried on to see our travelling pastor friends. They are off on Thursday again. We spent a very pleasant hour chatting and drinking tea.

I still have not sorted the bags of fabric out, but have had an idea, I am going to make some bags from some of the fabric and see if the shop at Dove Cottage would like to sell some of them. I have a load of my own fabric to use up, I am wanting to slim down my stocks.

Eggs, wedges and baked beans for supper, strawberry for dessert, I think they will be finished by the the end of this week. We will then be picking raspberries.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Not feeling Great

I was awake in the night for about 3 hours, finally drifted off just after 5am.

Up and stripped the bed, sheets on the line, although it keeps clouding over, there is still quite a breeze, very gusty. Hope they dry, do not want wet washing hanging about.

I have done the wet room and loo, remade the bed, just have the carpet to shove the Dyson over and thats me finished, doing nothing else apart from get the supper which is cold meat and salad. DB is out pottering in the garden, disgusted because something has eaten away the bottom of a celariac........... tying up tomato's and loosening the soil round the onions and garlic.

We were taking B to Downton to pick up her curtains, but P is not well, so she has put it off. They know that there is nothing to be done re P's condition, its soul destroying for both of them. I feel he should have stayed in the hospice, but he wanted to come home, so home he came regardless of the stress on B. She is 90 this year!! We do what we can to help, but its not a lot.

Our neighbour over the fence is back from her holiday in Bulgaria, she has a son out there, goes twice a year in the cooler months. She has a line of laundry out too.

Another large bowl of strawberries picked, will take a few over for P to have.

DB went with another bowls club member to do their stint of cleaning, they have a rota. Not much to do, it had been cleaned last week and no one had been in the club house, so a quick waft round with a duster and the hoover, swished the loos and home.

I did have an hour on the bed, but did not manage to sleep, may go to bed early tonight, will see.

The bed linen dried on the line, its folded now waiting to be ironed maybe tomorrow.

Supper cold lamb, celery and tomato salad jacket spuds.....strawberries for dessert.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Still windy

The sun streaming in through the window woke me this morning. I read until DB woke up just after 8am and we had our usual fruit, croissant and coffee breakfast.

DB rang his sister to wish her happy 80th birthday. They have a full house, we were very happy that we were not invited to go up for the celebrations. We realised long ago, that by contacting DB,SIL had salved her guilty conscience, but we are not 'her family' they pass by on the road down to Cambridge and back, but have only been in once. Thats ok........ I can cope with that. I do feel sorry for DB at times, SIL was the favourite, went to private school and developed a very snooty attitude, it continues to this day.

DB is out in the garden, the wind continues to blow despite the forecasters keep saying that the wind will drop, the sky is blue grey, although its not supposed to rain, we will see. I need to look at the forecast for tomorrow, its bed change day and I need to be able to dry the laundry outside.

Looking at the weeds around the back of the shed, we have decided to spray with roundup twice a year, we may well put ground cover fabric down and use bark on it, we can store pots etc there when they are not in use. We did have a pump sprayer, but DB tells me we sold it some years ago when we no longer had a garden. I need to look at pricing one up. Its better than using a watering can.

No plans for today, roast shoulder of lamb etc for supper tonight, hopefully enough strawberries for dessert, there are still a lot to come.

Bowlful just brought in, DB says there are a lot more to come. Its been a very good year for strawberries.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Funny sort of day

It was rather dark this morning, but we have blue skies now, the wind has risen again and the clouds are scudding across the sky.

I took my neighbour B into Morrison's this morning, she managed to get all she wanted and a bit more besides, which was good. DB had gone across to sit with P and by the sounds of it they had a good chat about various things, mostly the war, from what I could gather. We sat and had a cup of tea with them before we came home. 

P and B both know he is now on end of life care, they seem to have accepted it. The night went ok with the sleeper. B got 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, the lady was up with P and made tea which they sat and drank. She got him up and dressed before she left this morning. 

I bought a shoulder of lamb, we have decided to have it tomorrow for supper, so garlic and rosemary in the slits and red wine in the bag, will keep turning it each time I go into the fridge. I also bought a tray of 4 lemon muffins for afternoon tea.

No sewing this afternoon, I am going to sit and read. DB went for his siesta, and has been out in the garden. Its still very windy. 

Ham and cheese fritatta, salad, jacket spud and strawberries for supper.

Friday, 9 June 2017

So thats that

now we know and we will have to put up with the consequences and thats all I am saying on the subject.

I slept in, so DB brought me my breakfast, its a fine morning, still a breeze and it keeps clouding over.

I should be doing the Friday clean, but just cannot be bothered, it can stay mucky.

We had a serious altercation yesterday in the car on the way back from looking at the sheds. We have had to have a serious talk about DB driving and me navigating.......I want him to think seriously about giving up his license, he is too easily confused especially when we get to roundabouts. He is out in the garden just now. I need to talk to the Dr, I think he is showing signs of dementia which his mother had.

I took some photos in the garden this morning.....

Tub I planted last week

The ivy has been in the kitchen for 2 years, decided it was time to plant it out.

Fuchsias and geraniums at the side of the coal shed. There is also a foxglove I have potted on to get a bit bigger before it goes into the garden.

I think this is Clematis Niobe

Clematis Comtesse de Bouchard.

Red poppies, the blowsy pink ones have apparently died off, they did not come through this year.

The lavender at the side of the front path has come out two different colours although the cuttings all came from the same plants, weird........we have a fab border one side, the other side is pathetic..........

Left hand side of the path, looks great, a decent crop of lavender

Right hand side, this is the side where we have had trouble growing the lavender, we have put down black plastic and are planting through the plastic into compost, but it is never going to be as good at the other side. Still raising cuttings which hopefully will take and not die off.

Fox gloves and antirrhinums, neither of these have been planted by us, they are self setters.

Fish, chips and peas tonight for supper, DB has picked two pots of strawberries, so dessert sorted.

I need to go through the two bags of fabric that I have been given, I might be able to do something with some of it, will have to see. There is some very heavy tapestry fabric, not really enough to do a lot with but will see. I have the table runner to quilt and bind, so will get on with that this afternoon whilst DB has his siesta.

P came home yesterday. I will go over later, he has been taken for a hospital appointment this morning. I think they have knocked back the idea of someone sleeping in, there did not appear to be anyone there last night. I am concerned that B is going to wear herself out very quickly trying to look after him herself and not getting a decent nights sleep.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Another windy day

Wind blowing a hoolie again this morning, I thought it was supposed to drop yesterday........

A bit of a rant........

I have blogged before about a certain blogger ramming her views down peoples throat, this time she really has gone too far....she published a blog entry yesterday telling every one how they should vote and why.........sorry but my political views are mine and like people who ram religion down my throat I do not want to be dictated to which is what she is doing, OK I do not have to take her advice, but if she feels so strongly why is she not giving up her two homes, fancy sports car and highly paid job to stand herself?

I guess thats me off her blog list........

We are planning a trip up to the shed people this afternoon, I need info about the base they produce so I have all the relevant information at hand when the chap from the council comes out to see us. I have inspected the offending growth closely, I do not think it is knotweed, although it is growing very close to where the growth was previously, it is certainly not growing at the rate of knots I would expect, it can grow 10 - 20 cms a day.

This is the shed we have been looking at. We need to sort out the base depending on what the council surveyor says.

Our neighbour called in last night, they are sending her husband home today, I just hope everything goes OK. I will do what I can to help. I know she wants to go and collect her curtains from Downton, so I hope we can arrange to do that, if she feels she cannot leave P long enough to go, maybe I can go and collect them for her,

Two large bags appeared in the hall yesterday, samples of fabric I was promised, not sure what I am going to do with some of them, but will have to sort through .......there is one piece I found which will make a carpet type bag.I will need to get some webbing for handles though.

Mince and dough balls for supper, so off to prep it so I just have to reheat the mince and cook the dough balls and veg when we get back this afternoon.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Goodness me its windy

We may have sunny skies, but the wind is still with us, some damage in the garden.

We walked round to the chapel for coffee, the rowan tree at the side of the churchyard had split in half, it looks most peculiar now. Quite a few people turned up for coffee so a good cross section and plenty of chat. My friend E brought some things she had made for the fair in November, one was a cute hanging made in the style of a bird house. I have asked her to make me one. She has a car full of fabric for me from the lady who runs the gallery, it is being brought round this afternoon, I will see what I can do with it, its mostly curtain samples I think.

I had a phone call from B, P is not coming out today, he has a chest infection, so they are keeping him a bit longer. Fingers crossed it does not develop into pneumonia!! B has gone in to see him. 

DB is bowling this afternoon, just the social bowls they have started on a Wednesday afternoon, so he will be home for supper, I am going to do bacon and egg. Not many strawberries today. I need to put a loaf on as well, almost out of bread again.

After yesterdays blow re the shed, I may have found an answer to the problem, but we need advice from the council as to whether we can use it, its a base which does not need to be dug into the ground, but sits above it, there are anchor points at the corners which are knocked into the ground. I am going to ask for a  site visit with the council surveyor and a horticulturist. I am desperate  to get a new shed.

We will soon be digging the second early potatoes, it will make a change from the awful spuds I have had to buy recently, they break up badly when they are boiled, so have been having to steam them.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain, rain and more rain

Chucked it down for most of the day, now at getting on for tea time, the rain has stopped but the wind is something else.....

Into town early, business at the council concluded....although we did get some bad news, we notices last night what appears to be Japanese knotweed growing at the side of the shed.......if it has become active again it means we cannot demolish the shed and put a new one in its place........... aarrgghhhh....... so no idea what we are going to have to do now, we badly need a new shed before the present one falls down.

For those of you who do not know the problems associated with knotweed: it is a pernicious plant. Japanese knotweed is a strong-growing, clump-forming perennial, with tall, dense annual stems. Stem growth is renewed each year from the stout, deeply-penetrating rhizomes (creeping underground stems). It can lay dormant in the ground for 20 years!! The risk we run is if we demolish the shed and lay a new base, we could cause the rhizomes which may be in the ground under the shed to re - activate. We knew that we had some in the garden when we moved in, it was treated but it appears to have started to grow again at the side of the shed. It can grow up to 10cms a day till it reaches 7foot!! It is a real problem and has been the cause of people not being able to sell their house with Knotweed in the garden. It can also break through concrete and brickwork, causing extensive damage. It is impossible to dig out, you only have to leave a tiny bit in the ground and it will re grow. The rhizomes can go down up to 30ft.

DB went to get his lens put back in his glasses whilst I went to Lidl for some supplies.....driving home it was tipping it down, so cold I put the heating back on.

Our neighbour is coming out of the hospice tomorrow for a trail run at home, they are going to have someone sleep in so B can get a decent nights sleep and be more able to cope with P during the day. I did have quite a serious conversation with her yesterday, not sure if it all went in, but I do know that several other people have had the same conversation with her, so we are all singing from the same Hymn sheet so to speak.

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, will see the lady who commissioned the ring pillow, hope the wedding went off OK.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight, more strawberries from the garden.....yum yum.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Murky Monday

I put laundry in the washer, by the time the washer had finished it was grey and pouring with rain.......hey ho, it was not supposed to rain until after lunch. Will see if it clears up.

Monday clean done, I steam cleaned the wet room and the floor, also gave the marks on the sitting room carpet a bit of a blast, does not seem to have done much good. 

Had another chap come to looks at the shed job, not impressed, a bit of a fly by night, wants to put concrete down, something we were warned against as the soil is heavy clay. Will see what his quote comes in at. We have someone else coming in later this afternoon.

DB picked a few more strawberries, enough for supper tonight, we need sun to ripen the rest.

Doing a bit of financial forecasting, we will have replaced the cost of moving here by the beginning of September. Good news, its only taken us two years. Mind you I have really concentrated since Christmas. I need to check and see how much savings we can have before it affects our benefits!! We have a visit to the council toorrow, it appears they have lost info we sent them in January!! I have proof they had it, we still have the receipt!!

Supper tonight, egg, chips and beans..........

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Once again we woke up to the horrifying news of a further attack on London. It no longer makes me sad but very angry. The people who do these things are truly evil. I am saying nothing more, my blog would get shut down!!

We did have a nice time at the tea yesterday. 4 courses with wine or soft drinks and tea or coffee with mints to end. The quiz was good, and the tombola interesting. DB got a 7 day pill box, me? A large jar of Vick!! Hey ho, it will keep DB going through the winter.

Out in the garden this morning. I have planted up the geraniums, cleared out the compost bin and filled it with fresh compost, also swept the paths.

I went over to see our neighbour, P was not too clever yesterday, so they did not stay too long, however he was better this morning. She has gone in today for a couple of hours. They are hoping to get him home on Wednesday.

Lunch was some of the left overs from yesterdays tea. They always pack it up in containers and ask people to take stuff away with them. We took two small containers, so had one for lunch today.

Supper is prepped, roast pork with all the trimmings, strawberries from the garden for dessert with some cream.....yum yum.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Out for tea day

Did a bit of sewing this morning, have the blocks for the runner finished and sashed, just have the bottom and top border to put on. Then it needs layering up, quilting and binding. I also washed the towels, they are blowing in the breeze, should be able to fetch them in before we go out.

Toiling a bit for fresh idea of things to do for the fair. I am going to do a couple of the Christmas Tree wallhangings and I have some stockings to make up. I am going to use up the fabric left from the play mat to make a couple of child friendly ones, will use strips of the fabric for the backs. Might also do a couple more large mats to take a turkey serving dish using 10 inch squares for Delectable Mountains.

DB was in the garden for most of the morning.

 We had cheese on toast for lunch. Its the village over 60's tea today. The village young wives put it on every year, its funded from the two lotteries the village runs. Its a chance for people to socialise. Some of the villagers are unable to get out much, so they are collected and taken home by volunteers.


Back from another excellent 'Summer tea'. fruit salad, ham, quiche and pork pie. Various salads followed by delicious desserts, cheese and biscuits, tea or coffee and mints.......there was the usual quiz and tombola. DB got a 7 day pill box, me...a large jar of Vicks vapour rub!! It won't be me using it!!

Home now, we will settle to watch TV for a couple of hours.

We had dark clouds scudding over but we now have sun and blue skies so a nice end to the day.

Friday, 2 June 2017


Busy morning, Friday clean done,  put the Ken Dodd round the ceiling and the tops of the walls. washed the kitchen floor as well.

DB was out in the garden, he has picked the first strawberries for dessert tonight. I will make some strawberry fluff to go with them.

Its another sunny morning although there is a breeze and it does cloud over from time to time.

Went over to see my neighbour last night, they are talking about sending P home, she has told them no way is she having him home until they have a care package in place for him, she just cannot manage him on her own anymore. She has not gone in to visit today, having a day off. Her son will take her in tomorrow and she is hoping he will speak to the Drs.

I might do a bit of sewing whilst OH is having his siesta, I have the last block for a table runner half done. Waiting for a delivery of backing fabric for various mats and things. I really hope the Artisan Fair goes well, I need to get some cash back.

Its the wedding this weekend, so should get some feedback re the pillow at the coffee morning next wednesday. I hope they like it!!

I am still feeling quite tired, although I did sleep quite well last night.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Sunny Day

Slept in again this morning, DB was in the garden when I got up, put a load in the washer.

Nipped over to see B. She was very late back from an appointment at the LRI last night, 8.30 before she got home. She was exhausted, not surprised. She was going in to see P today a volunteer driver was taking her. Our lay pastor popped in to see her as I left.

Washing dried, aired and put away, also ironed the duvet cover from Monday. Decided to do a bit of sewing, half made the last block for a table runner.

Its been another really sunny day, it was very warm out of the breeze.

We are having two of the Wiltshire Farm foods meals tonight, see what they are like. I have a couple of Neapolitan wafers for dessert,

Very tired again, I am getting a bit concerned about it, will see what the cardiologist has to say when I go to see him. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 7.30pm and read. I have discovered 'E' books that I can download from the library onto my I pad. They have kept me going this week, the library bus is not due until next Monday.


We had two of the Wiltshire Farm Foods. DB had sausage hot pot and I had beef hot pot, both were quite acceptable. There was more sausage, but I guess that's because sausage is cheaper then beef. DB said he would happily have his again. So I will top up the freezer with 6 days suppers. I will get him to cook the next ones in the microwave.