Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Whats that I see? Sun!!!

Not a good night for me last night, I woke at 3am and watched the clock round to after 5am. The sun was shining and has continued to do so all day, it was 80c in the garden this afternoon. We sat out and had our afternoon tea out, very pleasant.

The table runner has ended up in the bin, I know I had trouble with it the last time I made it. I will cut the bits out once more, if it does not go together this time I will give up, one things is for sure, I will never make it again!!

DB was in the garden for most of the morning. I made bread yesterday, so we had egg mayo sandwiches for lunch, I had an apple DB had yogurt.

I looked at the window this afternoon three huge flies, so the net curtain has come out for the back door so I can have it open without the flies taking up residence in the house. Our neighbour who cut down the conifer has a wasps nest in the top...arrgghhh.... I am allergic to any sort of sting....she is getting the pest controller in tomorrow to eradicate them. I am glad we will be out. I well remember a wasps nest in the eves of our house many years ago, thats when I discovered I was allergic to stings, I was hanging out washing, put my arm down and squashed a wasp under my arm.....shortly afterwards I was on my way to hospital....... the chaps came to get rid of the nest, I could not believe the bodies on the patio outside the doors hundreds of them..

I have an appointment tomorrow at the pacemaker clinic, think after this one, and one before I go to see the consultant in July, I will be on yearly checks. We are going on to see my quilting friend. I also have to pick up a roll of iron on wadding to give it a try, see how I get on with it. I want to start the ring pillow next week, so the wadding will be used for that.

Typical, its hot and we have mince and mash for supper, never mind......we can have ice cream afterwards.

The garden will have to be watered tonight, everywhere is so dry, the plants I put in need water until they show signs they have settled in by putting up new growth.

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