Tuesday, 9 May 2017


I was up early this morning, needed to get a blood test done at the Drs. Hopefully the last one.

I had just got home when the joiner turned up to sort the door in the wet room, so I now have a door on the airing cupboard. He was closely followed by the plumber. He disappeared into the cupboard under the sink, new taps and he dismantled the pipework and cleaned out the drain pipe and also put in a new loop for the washing machine. I had to go to a neighbour and get a bottle filled with water to make a cup of tea. The radiator in the toilet has been bled as well, so all outstanding jobs have been done.

DB spent the morning in the garden putting the mats under the strawberry plants, they are full of flower, we have fleece ready in case there is a frost forecast. If all goes well we should get a decent crop this year.

I put the pots and pans etc back in the cupboard under the sink before we had lunch. 

DB went for his siesta before the library van arrived. DB went round to see if P was coming, her niece answered the door apparently she is in hospital. No further news. I did ring B to let him know, he will go and visit  when he has time.

It has been another grey cold day, not nice at all, hope it improves soon, its blooming cold.

Salmon cooked for supper tonight, we are having it with new potato's, carrots, green beans, cauliflower and hollandaise sauce. I bought bananas at the weekend, we will have one with some cream for dessert.

All of the fabric I ordered has arrived, so I can get on with the ring pillow and then more things for the fair.

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