Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday - using the gel from nappies in a hanging basket

I have been asked about using the gel in hanging baskets.......

I use old compost bags to line the baskets, open up one side and the bottom and line the basket leaving some of the bag sticking up. I put holes in the side to plant through.

Open up the nappy and flood with water, allow it to stand whilst the gel swells, then cut through the outside covering of the nappy and mix the gel with a bowl of compost, put a layer of compost and gel in the bottom and plant your first plants, do not forget to plant through the holes in the side. Put in more compost and gel, plant up again, continue like this until the basket is full then carefully trim off the excess plastic round the top of the bag, water the plants in and hang up. That's it. I have found that the gel last for about a week before it needs watering again, you might need to do it more often in hot weather, but be careful you do not flood the basket and kill your plants.

Its a foggy morning, the sun keeps trying to break through. DB has gone to the Drs about his knee, I know what they are going to say, he needs to get a support for it, but let them tell him, I know nothing.........It is the leg that was affected when he had his slight stroke 2 years ago and sitting about all winter has not done it any favours. I did suggest he did some knee strengthening exercises, but as usual he ignored me.

I am off this morning to the gallery to see the lady about the fair in November, have packed up some things to show her, will also take the quilt thats on the back of the settee, just to prove I an do other larger things. I borrowed back the dresden plate from my neighbour, I was given strict instructions that I was not to sell it!! I have pulled out some fabric to make a summer one for her in green pink and cream to go with the sitting room.

Sausage and mash tonight, will do the sausage in the Remoska, I am wondering when thats going to pack up, I have had it longer than the microwave. If it conks out I doubt I will get another one, they are very expensive now and they no longer make the smaller one.

Tomorrow is coffee day at the chapel, our friends are away, they were doing a couple of days in Doncaster then going on up to see R's sister in Edinburgh for a few days. We will see them when they get back. Will pick some more rhubarb to take to the chapel in the morning, the rain yesterday has made it put a growth spurt on again. 

Right offsky for a shower and put some decent clothes on........may be back later...........


Went over to the gallery, two very nice ladies and a gentleman, most complimentary about the things I had taken to show them which was nice, we discussed hanging a quilt on the wall behind the table as well as the table itself. I have paid my £10 for the table, also picked up an order for a ring pillow for a wedding a friend is going to, so had to order silk fabric and also thread, as the thread I have keeps breaking, I do not want to have to constantly rethread the machine because of thread breakages.

I have used up the last of my roll of wadding, managed to find an old friend who orders wadding on a roll, have got her to order one for me as well Will have to go over and collect it when it arrives.

I now need to settle down and sort out what I am going to make and get going. need to spend at least one day a week sewing.

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