Thursday, 18 May 2017


Sun was shining when I got up, so towels in the washer and now almost dry on the line.

The BP monitor is driving me nuts, I am sure its not giving accurate readings as I cannot get it tight enough round my arm, I forgot the last reading until after 9am this morning, had just cleared out the cupboard in the hall, the reading was almost off the scale!! Will see whats its like over the weekend.

DB spent the morning in the garden weeding his veg beds. I did the Friday clean as we are out all day tomorrow, also prepped the sauce for Spag Bol for supper.  I had another go and getting the marks out of the sitting room carpet, one of the stains is really stubborn....I can still faintly see it.

Charged up the batteries for the camera, I always take a spare, got caught out in Paducah some years ago when my battery went down whilst we were at one of the show venues.

Sorted out the picnic stuff for tomorrow, K is making the picnic we are taking water etc for drinks. I might also take a ready mixed bottle of Elderflower cordial as well.

I don't know about you but I am really fed up with the hype over 'the wedding of the year' for heavens sake just because her sister married a Prince. At the end of the day she will never be in Kates position. I guess its a case of trying to outdo........ I will not be hogging the TV set to 'see the dress' etc on Saturday. In fact I hope it rains!!

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