Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thursday - Nice bright day

and not too cold although there is quite a breeze.

I spent an hour  in the garden this morning. I had 3 plants I wanted to get in, they were looking a bit the worse for wear.

I did not sleep too well, ideas buzzing round. I was trying to think of a block that was oblong rather than square for table mats, hmmmm delectable mountains came into mind. I am going to have a bash at one and see how it comes out. I am planning a little experiment with the block, will see if it works out.

This was the first experimental block I made, looks good.

So I made another one using different fabric, yes, I like this one.

The microwave arrived just after 8am, two nice chaps, took the old one and unpacked the new one and put it on the work surface, I have used it a couple of times. Its different to the old one, so I am having to refer to the book. Its very quiet compared to the old one. Watch this space.

My clapped out old microwave.

The brand spanking new one, its on remote control to switch on and cook the gratin for supper, will see how it performs. It is slightly small in width but higher up, the vents are on the top at the back and positioned so the heat comes forward, not as the old one did vented from either side.

DB was also in the garden this morning tidying at the back of the shed and putting some of the bigger pots there. I also emptied a bag of compost into the dustbin in the sentry box, so one down 2 to go. he found the large pot I have earmarked for a water feature, I am not sure if I am going to try and find a solar fountain for it or put water lilies in.......

Cauli and broc gratin with jacket spuds and roast tomato's for supper.


  1. That's a smart piece of kit! We don't have a microwave, have never had one, don't particularly want one but I expect they can save time (and electricity.) If I want to defrost something, I leave it in the fridge overnight and then bring it out onto the worktop in the morning. It just needs a bit of forward planning. I have a Neff circotherm double oven and love it. I expect now I've said that, it will pack up! We have had it 17 years. I keep it clean (it has a steam clean facility) between having it professionally cleaned once a year. When that's been done it looks brand new.
    But we've had an expensive first four months of the year - new dishwasher, new washing machine, new tumble dryer, new computer (for me), bought new bed for grandson, paid for a new electric hob for younger son and his partner, new Dyson vacuum. Things do have a habit of dying at much the same time, but there again, a lot of things were bought at much the same time and electrical items have only a certain life span and yet we are always surprised when they turn up their toes, aren't we? But your new microwave looks very smart indeed.
    Margaret P

  2. Ann that bright red block is beautiful and is perfect - I've looked and you're bang on lining up those points. Patchwork always amazes me - you take a few strips of fabric and if you're clever at putting them together, you build a picture, which builds into a quilt (or table mat) - so clever
    I love that new microwave, as well Ann - I know you cook some brilliant dishes in your microwave and that you cook them from start to finish in it, they're so handy aren't they? - I certainly couldn't be without mine and they save so much time and money - anyone who only thinks/uses a microwave for defrosting is missing a trick

  3. Love your pretty and festive holiday Delectable Mountain blocks! Well done! They will make such pretty table mats.

    I like making three 4" square blocks and putting them at one end (or both ends) of a complimentary fabric center to make place mats or small table runners. That way, the plate or floral arrangement that sits in the center doesn't cover up the pieced blocks.

    Cheers for your new microwave! I hope it performs wonderfully for years and years. :)

    Still working on my sewing room and making slow, steady progress.



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