Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Started Nice

turned cloudy, looks like rain.

Round to the chapel this morning, took rhubarb and it all went, lots of chat about various things. The lady from Romania was there, she seems to come about every 3 months for a few days, she helps the 'Pastor' at the chapel, she was delivering the newspaper for the chapel yesterday. Very nice lady, she told me that they stew rhubarb in water and use it as a drink. I gave her the recipe for crumble......

Have a joiner coming this afternoon to look at the door to the airing cupboard, see if he can do anything with the two doors. I also want to ask him about something in the kitchen.

On line ordering Christmas fabric, I cannot believe so many fabrics are sold out in early May. I have spent quite a bit so I will get no pocket money for about 6 months. I am going to need to do some careful pricing to make sure I get my money back.

Got the details for the ring pillow, once the fabric is delivered I can cut it out. Am going to do a button back so need to looks for some pearl buttons.

Doubt if DB will get any gardening done today. He is having his siesta just now.

Trudie, if you send me your email, it will be easier for me to reply to you rather than through my blog. I will delete the comment of course.

Last night I worked out a pattern for a 12" dresden plate fan for the tree skirt, drew it out and have cut it out of DB's mounting board. I think I will possibly need 4 lots of 10 fans, need to sort out some fabric to make a sample, see how it works, should be able to use up some of my Christmas bits and strips, it will be very random. Then I need to work out a price, hmmmmmm.........

Supper tonight the last of the turkey crown I cooked at Easter with jacket spuds and salad. Also the last of the rhubarb sponge to finish off.

So this afternoon I cut out 20 fans from some scrapish fabric, I am going to need 40 fans for the skirt, so I need 5 lots of fabric enough to cut 40 fans and then fabric to bind it with. not sure what I am going to do with this though!!

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