Tuesday, 23 May 2017

So sad but also angry

That some scumbag could go to a pop concert and set off a bomb killing children, what is our world coming to? I suppose the bomber thought he would go to heaven for his cause, I hope he rots in hell...and thats putting it mildly.

I had better get off the subject..... I am liable to say something that will upset people. My thoughts are with the families that have lost children and parents of children who were at the concert, the emergency services who always step up to the mark despite the distressing circumstances and those still in hospital. I understand there are several people who are on the critical list.

Bright morning, towels on the line. I have started on the ring pillow yet again, this is the last try. I am beginning to hate that embroidery machine......I have a feeling it will be leaving this house in the near future.

DB in the garden planting seeds, I looked at the lupins I put in on Sunday one of them had over 20 snail bodies round....yukkkk.

Supper today is beef casserole, Pictures of the veg garden


Both strawberry beds the second bed is runners from last year



Beans, the apple tree and potato bed.

Climbing and drying beans

Looking from the grass up to the back of the garden.

They are quite small hopefully they will grow a bit bigger....tomato's

Last but not least the beautiful rose on the arch, it smells delightful and such a pretty colour.


  1. Twenty years ago, my 16 year old daughter used to go to the NEC to see the Boyzone concerts - I used to take her (I was a single Mum by this time) - I used to make sure she knew where the car was parked and where I'd be standing waiting for her when she came out - -I used to stand there waiting for the concert to start before I'd go back to the car, to drink my flask of coffee and wait for her, before heading back to be in position for when she came out - I used to stand there watching all these young girls going into the arena and think - if the IRA were to let off a bomb now - how would I get to her, how would I find her - it used to scare me witless and it's a thought that's stayed with me for years - I now have 4 beautiful Grandchildren who are starting to get to the age where they want to go to concerts and still it scares me witless.....not the IRA any longer but still there are terrorists out there - I feel for the poor families who have lost a family member and I feel for the parents who were waiting outside for their children - you just wouldn't know what to do you would you? You described the attacker right - a Scumbag
    Hope you sort the embroidery machine out soon xxx

  2. It is an outrageous and shameful heartbreak to have such an attack happen at a concert for young people. Prayers are with all affected.

    Am so sorry that this embroidery machine has been such a disappointment and has caused such frustration. Should you use a different fabric as a trial piece until the machine is working flawlessly?

    Great garden photos! I just remembered we put shallow bowls of stale beer in the veggie beds as slugs are drawn to it and drown.


  3. We suffer from the same problem with snails eating certain plants. I cut the top and bottom off a plastic( water or pop) bottle. Cut the body into two or three rings of about 7 to 10cm depth. Place a ring around the plant which, normally, slugs and snails cannot climb. Remove the ring when the plant is established. If they are clear plastic you can just leave them until the plant dies down. Helen in France


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