Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Last night we got some sad news about our neighbour, he is going into the local hospice, he needs treatment that he is not able to get either at home or in hospital. His wife is very tired, she has been looking after him for almost 12 months and she too is not well. I went over this afternoon to have a word, we will work out how to get B to the hospice to see him, weekends are ok, its during the week that will be a problem.

This morning we went to Aldi, I managed to spend more then I intended, but I will only need to buy fresh veg and fruit.

A lovely day, we sat outside for our morning tea and OH is outside reading now.

Chicken and apricots for supper with rice, its a while since we had rice.......its a dish I used to do quite a bit at one time, It had brandy in it, and is yummy.

Out tomorrow, I need to collect my half roll of wadding and I also need to pick up a cushion pad for the ring pillow, I have it to finish, The embroidery went ok, just one thread break........ I just have to sew the front to the backs, I will then decide whether to make it an oxford style. depends on how it presses, the fabric is a nightmare for slipping.......reminder to self, not to make another one.


  1. I'm sorry that your neighbor needs the good care of hospice but am glad it is available. His wife has done well as his caregiver but can imagine her exhaustion. It's kind of you and DB to offer to take B to hospice to visit when possible. Perhaps someone from the church around the corner can take her during the week?

    Chicken and apricots sounds delicious. Is there are recipe you can share. I've also never heard of putting brandy in rice. Interesting!

    Cheers that the ring pillow is all but finished as it has been the source of one frustration after another.

    Our rain has finally stopped for a few hours tho more is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.


  2. That's a shame about your neighbor. It's very tiring taking care of someone .... I've been doing it for the past 2+ weeks and I'm knackered to be honest. Luckily, my OH will get well.

    Just looking at the pics of your garden again. You both have done an incredible job of turning that back yard into productive food territory! Well done.


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