Sunday, 7 May 2017

Shopping and a visit

Up at a reasonable hour and off to do some much needed grocery shopping at Lidl. DB went over to the boot sale to see if there was anyone selling plants, he came home with leeks, the celeriac will not be ready for another 3 weeks. He then went to the shop next door to Lidl to get some resolva weed killer, he is stressing about the weeds in the front lawn.

We went on to see my daughter, we have not seen her for quite a few weeks. She is not a happy bunny, very fed up with her daughter and BF who live with her. I just let her talk, she obviously wanted to get it all off her chest. I did offer some advice, its up to her if she does something about it.

Back home, shopping unpacked and put away, we had a light lunch and DB is now having his siesta. When he gets up I want to plant a shrub in the front garden, I bought it a couple of weeks ago, its time it was in the ground.

I took out some of the gammon joint I sliced a couple of weeks ago, have some new potato's to go with it. Green beans,cauli and carrots with parsley sauce. I bought a couple of bananas, so will have one with some cream for dessert.

It was a hazy morning, but the sun is out, a cool breeze but ok in a sheltered spot.

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