Saturday, 13 May 2017


Stripped the bed, laundry out, I was making up the bed when DB shouted me....its raining, took the laundry in......10 minutes later the sun was out...hey ho, it was almost dry, so finished the pillowslips off in the dryer, the sheet and duvet cover are over the airer.

Cheese and onion pie made for tonight, we will have it with beans.

I have salvaged as much as I can from the doomed runner, decided to make one of the others I have made before.

DB planted the potato's we got on Thursday, he says there is room for another row; despite the rain yesterday the ground was very hard. As I was going out to the Drs yesterday it slung it down for about half an hour. No chance of the rain permeating the soil, it just ran off and flooded the roads.

We have decided about the shed,we are going to go forward with it at the end of October, hopefully there will be enough time for DB to put a coat of preservative on it before the weather changes. I need to get estimates for the foundations, we are going to need quite a few slabs and some bricks to make a step. We may be able to pick up some locally second hand.


  1. Another yummy sounding supper, cheese and onion are two of my favourites, they go so well together. I've never made a pie with them, my late hubby was a big fan of steak and kidney pie. Would you share your yummy recipe with us?
    By the way perhaps you could get your slabs off freecycle. I have seen them listed a number of times. X

  2. Well done on getting your laundry dry despite the rain! Our rain has stopped but it's chilly and thoroughly damp outside today and we had to turn the heat on.

    Am glad you can make use of some of the doomed table runner bits. It's a delight that table runners can be made from any identical or unmatched quilt blocks to suit holiday, seasonal, or every day use. Perhaps your library has a table runner book as our library does?

    I applaud your decision about the garden shed and hope the weather cooperates on the October timetable. Hope you can find the pavers, bricks, and perhaps wood, roofing, or window(s) on free-cycle to make it more affordable.



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