Sunday, 14 May 2017

Rain? Where?

I changed the bed yesterday and washed the sheets, DB said the forecast was for rain today and tomorrow.....wrong......we woke up to a fine sunny day with a slight breeze, so after our usual sunday breakfast in bed the washer went on, hopefully everything will dry in record time.

DB is out in the garden, the plants from the sitting room window cill have been moved into the small greenhouse until they can be left out once the threat of frost is away. So my window no longer looks like a small brewery!!

Wet room and toilet cleaned, I have an appointment with the nurse to collect a BP monitor tomorrow morning. The bedroom will have to wait till Tuesday.

Supper tonight chicken with all the trimmings will be a test of the new combi roasting a chicken, cannot decide whether to do a crumble or not. I did a small one last week which we finished on Sunday, so no temptation during the week. I have some gooseberries which could do with being used up.

Did start on the new table runner yesterday, one block done, have another cut out, want to get the blocks done so I can decide what fabric to use for the sashing, backing and binding.

We are taking my quilting friend to the quilt show at Malvern next week. The lady she usually goes with is off on holiday and ordered the tickets by mistake, so we will use them. DB will drive one way, I guess it will be back, I am always tired after walking round the show. He will take a book and a chair, will be quite happy to sit and wait for us.

Time to get the laundry out fingers crossed the rain does not arrive until its dry.


All washing dried, aired, folded and put away.

Supper cooking, its late, I was messing about putting the design for the ring pillow into the sewing machine, forgot the time.....hey ho.

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