Monday, 29 May 2017

Rain - at last

We woke to rain this morning, it appeared to have rained overnight and it was still spitting and spotting, so no watering needed and no gardening, just when I had decided to plant up the pots and put some geraniums in the bare spaces in the border.

Monday clean done, DB pushed the Dyson round for me. I emptied it and cleaned the filter, it was very mucky, I really must take it our once a month, the water was disgusting. the filter will take a day or do to dry, so its in bits just now.

DB had soup and bread for lunch I had a cheese and  brown sauce sarnie.Cut the meat off the bone from yesterdays lamb, will make a salad later and do a couple of jacket spuds. I used half the strawberries yesterday, will finish them off tonight.

A bit of tidying in the sewing room, I need to start putting some of the Christmas stuff together, I need backing and binding fabric. Ironing to do as well, the bed linen from yesterday.

The close is very quiet, two of the residents are on holiday. I spoke to my neighbour this morning...P was a little better yesterday when she went, they had a picnic lunch outside. I am taking her in either Thursday or Friday, its her choice, I need a visit to the shopping centre for some stuff from Wilkinson and also Bon Marche to see if I can get something for 'the wedding'. I could also do with a couple of skirts and a new pair of winter trousers.


I was looking through the local paper last night and came across an advert for our old flat.....remember we had been in 8 weeks when we were told that the owner was applying to knock the place down and sell the site. Well the planning application was knocked back and had to be altered, eventually it was granted and the house put up for sale. To cut a long story short, no one wanted to buy the house and demolish it, so 3 years after we left it is being rented out again. I cannot help but gloat, that woman was the cause of me having to sell my sewing machine to fund the move, we moved twice in 6 months, we just did not have the cash to pay for a second removal. I must admit I was a bit daft, we should have applied for re housing at that point.

It is 2 years on Sunday by the date since we signed for the bungalow........a lot has happened in 2 years............


  1. What goes around, comes around Anne - she's got her comeuppance for what she did to you - 2 years since you signed for for the bungalow - that has gone quickly xx

  2. Trudie, there were 5 flats in the house so we were not the only ones involved. One family had 3 children, they had taken the flat because it had 4 bedrooms. It was an old hunting lodge which had been divided up, we had a huge living room which was the original drawing room in the house and had french doors out into the garden. I think I published the photos in my original blog.

    1. I'm sure you did Anne - I remember thinking what a lovely look out it had, I'm sure from the lounge - Those poor people who had children and who suffered all that uncertainty - it was all very unfair xxx

  3. So happy to hear you've had much needed rain!!

    Wishing you well as you plan what to make for the fair. Hope you find perfect fabrics for the bindings and for the projects you choose to make.

    Also wish you success in finding the clothes you need for winter and for the wedding.

    I well remember that lovely, large ground floor home you had and the wonders you and DB worked in the garden space outside. I was highly miffed on your behalf when you were told you'd have to vacate so soon after you'd arrived. Yes, Karma is at it again!

    We had more rain yesterday and last night but today is warm and sunny. Hope to finally sew two borders on the St. Patrick's Day wall quilt but that's been my intention for a few days and it's not even pressed yet. Sigh!


  4. Perhaps is was fortuitous you had to move eventually as you seem happy and comfy is this home - and my goodness what an amazing job you've done in your now garden............ it's fabulous Anne!
    Enjoy the shopping spree -
    Have a wonderful week - Mary

  5. I have read nearly all through your blog (phew!!) I so wish that blogs were in book form as I really enjoy them. Find it hard when I have to keep page up and down to get to the first one. Anyway I digress, hope you and yours are now happy in this bungalow.
    I downsized to a one bed bungalow around 4 years ago and boy was it difficult to adjust to as there is no getting away from each other. I so wish I had a garden instead of the very small back yard. At least I could loose myself in gardening.


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