Saturday, 20 May 2017

Post quilt show day

I drove to pick up my friend K and then onwards. Most of the way down to Malvern it hissed down  with rain, the screen wiper only just coped. As we got round Birmingham the sky began to lighten and it was almost dry when we arrived at Malvern. I managed to get the car parked right up at the top, so we did not have so far to walk, the big car park was quite full but the hall had plenty of room to move around.

I found the Empress Mills stall and managed to get something I wanted, I laid off buying stabiliser till the afternoon and wished I hadn't.

So we went round the quilts first, there were some really lovely ones and the standard seemed higher than my previous visit.

Here goes with the first 16 photos.

Best in class and show.

I took this picture to show the size of the quilting stitches, so really tiny it was only when you looked closely you could see that it had not been done on a machine. I that I could get my hand quilting so small!!

Wonderful applique done in Batik fabrics, see my friend on the right.

My friend loved this, she loves red and white quilts and has made several herself.

Japanese in inspiration

Delectable mountains arranged as Chinese Lamps.

This is a block from a quilt, it is based on hexagons.

Double wedding ring, I loved this, such a 'clean' looking quilt, beautifully made.

Another blue and white applique quilt. Very pretty.

More pictures tomorrow. We went round all the quilts before looking at the stalls. 5 balls of wool were bought, not for me but for K to crochet a red and white blanket.

Time was marching on so we went out to find the sun out, found a bench and I left K there whilst I fetched DB with the lunch. K had packed up chicken and bacon rolls, crisps and white chocolate cup cakes washed down with elderflower presse.

DB returned to the car and we went back in for a further foray. Several coaches had arrived from South and North Wales, the numbers had increased a lot. I got my stabiliser from Empress Mills and we then went into the further exhibition and stalls in the marquee. It was hot in there!! although they had lifted the flaps to let the breeze circulate a bit.

K went back to the stall where she got the wool and bought another 10 balls, her total spend for the day £12. I spent £16. not a piece of fabric in sight. We decided to go back to the loo and then to the car. Drinks and we set off back  to K's with DB driving.

He decided to come back cross country largely avoiding the motorway, so Pershore, Evesham, onto the A46, A45 round Coventry, back onto the A46 before hitting the M69, a short trip on the MI, A46 and back to K's house. We stopped at the fish and chip shop for 3 fish and one bag of chips, delicious. After a cup of tea, and with a darkening sky we set off the 30 miles home. going up the A46 it started to slung everything at us the windscreen wipers could hardly cope. Eventually we ran out of it, only to run into a tail back of traffic at six hills where we come off the A46 to travel cross country home. It was down to one lane, big lorries and ignorant motorists carried on down what was apparently an empty lane then then shoved their way in when they realised they could go no further.

Back at the bungalow the car was unpacked and we sat down to relax.

I have decided I am not going to any more quilt shows, that one was a small one, and I was jiggered after the first it will be mail order for me from now on.

We gave in, showered and were in bed by 9.30. What a day 228 miles travelled. My shoulders are stiff, but apart from that I am ok.

Its a nice morning DB is in the garden, I need to do a couple of jobs in the house, the builder is coming at lunch time to look at the shed etc.......this afternoon I hope to get some of the plants from the nursery into the garden,hopefully the ground it a bit softer. I will continue to plant into compost and back fill with the clay on top.

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