Monday, 22 May 2017

Photos I took yesterday

I spent part of yesterday morning, putting in some lupins and also weeding the herbaceous bed. There are some gaps at the front I need to get ground covers plants for to try and smother more of the weeds.

The damp bottom part of the garden

Looking up towards the back fence

The clematis on the clothes pole, its a pink Montana, just coming out.

Not sure which clematis this one is, but its putting on a good show.

DB worked on the strawberry bed, the supports are for netting to keep the birds off.

Another clematis, no idea which one this is.

These lupins survived the slug attacks, I think they got going whilst the ground was dry, so not much slug activity.

And Now...... more quilts.

Detail of the quilting on the next wholecloth quilt.

Another very pretty batik applique quilt.

Passion flower.

This was such a pretty miniature quilt.

These were wonderful, all the colouring comes from stitching.

K looking at memories of a Scottish Holiday.


This was fabulous and has won a well deserved ribbon.

It was a nice sunny morning, DB was in the garden, he finished off weeding the herbaceous border for me.

Chap came and re screwed all the drawer fronts in the kitchen.

I have started on the ring pillow, so far so good, fingers crossed.

Supper tonight eggs, wedges and peas.


I should have kept quiet, the bobbin thread ran out and then for some obscure reason the machine started sewing with the bobbin thread on to, so another has one more chance, then I am out of fabric and have to admit defeat. I have a feeling the embroidery machine is going to be no more!!! My 12000 was so much easier to use.......sigh........


  1. Your garden is beautiful.
    I've really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the quilts. Some amazing work. X

  2. I have never tried an embroidery machine, hope you can get it working properly. I have a machine that does 70 different stitches and that is my limit. Good luck with getting the ring cushion finished.

  3. The garden is looking so pretty! What a huge contrast to how it looked when you and DB first saw the bungalow. You and he have worked your garden magic!!

    The quilts are just lovely and I really love the colorful pieced background with the daisies on it, but many other quilts are delightfully amazing. Applause to all!

    So sorry about your bothers with the design on the ring pillow. Do you start all of your machine embroidery with a full bobbin or do some designs just require more than one bobbin? I've never had an embroidery machine so haven't much insight into why that odd stitching happened. Will the top thread just pull out since there was no bobbin thread to anchor it? Hope there is an easy answer!

    Big hugs!

  4. Wow your garden is looking great. You guys are hard workers for sure. You've inspired me to begin growing my own veggies in raised beds. Not sure how successful I'll be because we have pests galore around these parts but I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Those quilts are incredible. Just really beautiful.


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