Thursday, 25 May 2017

Phew it aint half 'ot

Up and out this morning, called at Dunelm to get a cushion pad before going on to collect the roll of wadding, managed to get it into the back seat of the car. I have cut a length off it and it is now under the day bed in my sewing room, it just fits under there. I think it will see me out...........

Back home lunch was taken in the garden, by the time we had finished eating the sun was round on the back, boy was it warm. I sat out for a while and then had to give in and go into the house. I do not cope well with hot weather any more.

My neighbour phoned to say that her husband is going into the hospice tomorrow. She is going with him and her son will collect her and bring her home. Its next week we will have to sort out getting her to and from the hospice.

The garden will have to be watered tonight once the sun goes off. We have foxgloves come up in the front garden, no idea where they came from, I did not plant them, but we have had this happen before. Some years ago at the allotment we had a single foxglove, the following year there were hundreds, I spent ages digging them out. The natural gladioli are out again, we dug a lot out but they have spread again, I doubt we will ever really get rid of them, I have cut a few for the house, no idea how long they will last.

The orchid that was in my sewing room is on the dresser in the hall, 10 flower buds on, the second one is also starting to open, so that will go in the sitting room once a couple of the flowers have come out, cannot remember what colour it is.

Supper tonight, bacon fritatta and salad, we may indulge in an ice cream for dessert. I need to put a loaf on tomorrow, only have toasting bread, its a bit thick for sandwiches!!

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