Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Oh No Another Fail!!

The first attempt at the ring pillow has joined the table runner in the bin, the gold thread just kept breaking........I do not understand sewing machines, my 12000 coped with the gold metallic thread no problem, this one.....forget it. I also had problems with the thread when doing a sample lavender bag. This is not the first machine I have had a thread problem with, one of my early Janome machines hated it. I spoke to the lady who ordered the pillow, I am going to try it with self colour, fingers crossed it works, otherwise thats cash down the drain for the fabric, and no cash for me!! Something else I will not be doing again.

The inspector was supposed to come this morning to look at the japanese knotweed to see if its safe to cut it down and put the base of the new shed over where it was. There is no sign of any new growth and its 2 years since it was treated.

DB spent the morning in the garden, he has cut the back grass, rain is forecast for later and it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.

Beef stew, dumpling and veg for supper. Out of fresh veg so it will be tinned carrots and frozen peas.

I defrosted some ham for sandwiches for lunch, I made a loaf yesterday, so sliced it, froze all but 4 slices which went into the sarnies.

BP taking is not going well, when I got up it was really high, even shocked me.......it has gone down since but not much, guess the Ramipril is not doing the job. Hmmmmm


  1. Oh, say it isn't so! Am so sorry to hear that your gold thread keeps breaking and the design on the ring pillow is messed up. Many years ago, a talented quilt artist named Ellen Ann Eddy said she puts her special thread on the bobbin, then sews the design from the back side. Bobbin thread goes through the needle only 2 times while the top thread goes through the needle many,many more times before a stitch is sewn in. That's why the top thread breaks more often. I never figured out how to sew a design from the back like Ms. Eddy does. Good luck!

    It's nice DB got his gardening done ahead of the rain. Does he request gardening books from your library or does he go with his decades of experience?

    Bother about your BP being high but it's good to know so it can be properly treated if need be.

    Am putting aside the sewing room work to clear room to SEW a bit. Yep! :)


  2. Oh dear Anne - that's a shame about the ring pillow - I had to give up on some cushion covers on Saturday and I put those in the rubbish bin - I was making them from some off cuts left over from some curtains that I made 2 years ago - I hated the feel of the fabric when I made the curtains so why I spent 2 weeks faffing about trying to make cushion covers with it, heaven knows! - Good luck tomorrow xx


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