Monday, 15 May 2017


The day of rain that was forecast did not arrive, just a couple of light showers, the sun is out now, but we do have a very strong wind, trees tossing about all over the place.

I managed to clean the bedroom before I went to collect the BP monitor, have to take it twice a day, morning and evening for 2 weeks, if I remember!!

DB is out in the garden. The ironing from the weekend is done and I have cut out the fabric for the ring pillow and set it in the frame ready to sew. Tomorrow will be D Day. Hopefully I will get it almost completely done, will just need to get the cushion pad to go inside and some pearl buttons for the back.

Chicken salad with new potato's for supper tonight. No dessert, we had chocolate mousse last night.......very rich.

The bulbs and early spring flowers are dying back, sign of the shrubs budding up, the geraniums are out in the small greenhouse, hardening off before they get potted up. The farms all around have lambs or calves in the fields and there are acres of oil seed rape. I am allergic to the smell, makes me sneeze and my eyes run. Tractors are out in force, ploughing and muck spreading. Most of the trees are in full leaf. 

Our neighbour turned out not to have a wasps nest in her tree but the wasps were going in to feed on the aphids, the chap sprayed to kill off the aphids, there has been the odd wasp around, DB swatted one in the kitchen at the weekend.

So far no interest re the base for the new shed, not very happy, thought at least one person might reply, will ask our local chappie, see what he thinks, if I can catch him. We have decided just to have the base put in, the suppliers of the shed will install it. Then I need our local electrician to sort out the electrics.

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