Saturday, 6 May 2017

Lovely day yesterday

this morning its raining, DB says it was not forecast, they sky is very grey. Typically the garden was watered last night.

Cooked the wedges in the micro for supper last night, very good, the grill is a higher wattage than the old one so the skins were nice and crispy and they did not stick to the glass tray. Good result. Will be cooking gammon, eggs, tomato and fried bread tonight.

No real plans for today, will possibly do some more sewing depends how I feel. Had a really good night last night, woke around 3am for the loo and then slept till 8.30, makes a change. I did take 2 Ibuprofen last night, my hip was painful. I do not take them all the time, I have to buy them, my GP will not prescribe them anymore, they are on 'The List'. When we went to the US I used to buy Tylenol, they were very good, especially for my headaches, which thankfully, are very rare these days. 

Spent time in the sewing room again, playing with fabric, came up with these......

Whilst I was sewing a thought flashed into my mind, the blue table runner I made, I am sure I saw a copy of it, cue getting all my loose leaf folders out, and BINGO there in the last one was the pattern.

I need to sort out some fabrics, will have another shot at making one in a different colour this space.

I managed to order the wrong fabric for the ring pillow, no problem I can return it and order the right one....phew.......

The rain eventually dried up, but a very grey day one way or another.


  1. Love these two new holiday mats! Well done, you. Also am delighted that your found the pattern for the table runner you needed so you don't have to recreated the pattern by measuring the one you made. Don't you love it when you remember where something is?! BTW, I didn't have the magazine with the pattern in it.

    It's really chilly and blustery here today. At 2p someone is coming to look at things we need to sell and there will be a discussion whether all things will be gone in a lump sum offer or we'll choose to have the items sold in a way that would be more lucrative.

    My sewing room is still a mess, but am slowly getting there.


  2. Good to hear you had a good night - maybe it would be worth taking one "long-lasting" ibuprofen each night? I often do this if I have joint pain. I buy them from.the supermarket or Home Bargains, in packs of 8.


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