Saturday, 27 May 2017

Its Gone

I took the bull by the horns and finished the pillow for the wedding. Its was collected this afternoon. The picture is not very good the flash went off and bounced back.

A quiet morning, DB was dittering about sorting out his stuff for bowls this afternoon. E came round and collected the pillow, she is very pleased with it. I am glad that she likes it. There were times when it almost went out the window.

The Pastor at the little chapel took B in to see her husband, he has settled well, people pop in and speak to him. They both had a good nights sleep which is what was so badly needed. 

I need to sort out what I am going to make for the fair, I started a table runner before I started the pillow, so I will finish that off and then see what else to make. I will do a couple of Christmas tree wall hangings, and a couple more of the oblong mats.

DB wants to go in to the market tomorrow so I will do the bits of shopping that I need.


  1. It's beautiful Anne- I know it's been a bit of a pain but it is really special xx

  2. Lovely ring pillow and I am glad it was well received. The wonderful embroidered design shows up well when the photo is enlarged.

    How kind of the pastor to take B to see her husband and am glad to hear he is settling in well.

    Enjoy deciding what to make for the fair! I hope making these items is a lot of fun and no frustration for you.

    It's sunny and warmer today and I have some mending to do as well as sewing on two green borders at last.


  3. That is so beautiful!!!
    Margaret P

  4. Yes when you enlarge the pillow you can see the true colour and the beautiful embrodiary.

    So kind of the Pastor at the chapel to take B to see her husband.



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