Friday, 12 May 2017

Hooray...its raining....

Not a dramatic downpour, but a good steady fall which will sink into the soil much better than a huge downpour, trouble is we could do with it raining like this for a few weeks, the ground is so dry.

Friday clean has been done, the kitchen floor was not too bad, so its not been mopped. I used some shampoo on a stain on the living room carpet near the door, it does not seem to have done any good, I am thinking of getting some vanish and see if that works.

We are considering putting a new shed in the garden, the one we have is very fragile, it needs re roofing but the roof trusses are so delicate I think it might collapse if we try to hammer the felt on. The present one is 8 x 6. We are looking at replacing it with a 10 x 8. It involves taking down the old shed, putting down a new base and paths, and erecting the new shed. Problem.......cost will be around £1000, we do not know how long either of us is going to be here, should we spend the money for someone else to benefit? I also plan to have electricity put in so I can get the dryer and maybe the smaller freezer in.

This afternoon I plan to have another go at the table runner, its the last chance salon......

Supper tonight pork and bean casserole, mash, peas and cauliflower, there is carrot in the casserole. We have banana for dessert.


Well thats the second attempt at the runner in the bin, I have cut the blessed thing twice, checked every measurement twice, it just does not fit. How I made the first one heaven only knows......

I can use some of the bigger bits for something else, but I have wasted at least £3 of fabric trying to sort it out.

Need to think of something else now. just one runner will do. I am going to destroy the pattern so I am never tempted to make it again. So cross........


  1. Well, if you and Edwin would benefit, there is no one worthier to spend your money on, if you have it. Your garden has provided excellent "work" for Edwin and you could use a little more space inside with the things you could put in the shed. IF it would make your life easier and eliminate some stress and if you can afford it, go for it. It is a hard decision whether to make improvements. ana usa

  2. If you do get your shed remember that most (all?) fridges and freezers in the UK require a minimum temperature of at least 10C to operate properly. It get pretty chilly where you are at times so it might not be happy out there.

  3. Our freezer is one that can safely be kept in a shed or garage, so no problem there.

  4. I agree with Ana usa if it makes life easier and you can afford it, go for it!! By the way your supper sounds yummy. X

  5. We are retired. We dont throw money around but if it is something we benefit from, quality of life etc., my mantra is you cant take it with you. x

  6. Well, bother about that table runner and its frustrating pattern! Hope you can use the Delectable Mountain bits for pot holders or something.

    I agree that a useful size shed with electricity so some large appliances can be inside is a good use of money as it will pay for itself soon in your satisfaction. Also, it will be much more stable and less likely to blow over in a storm. Methinks you'll be happiest with it if you can locate it close to the back door for future convenience.

    Yummy supper! Have I missed popping by for some of it?!


  7. Anne
    If you can afford it, have the shed that fits your needs, like Jill says, you can't take it with you so if it makes life easier then spend the money and have what you need. Sorry to hear about the problems with the table runner - best to walk away and find another pattern that you will be happy with xx

  8. There are a lot of good second hand sheds to be had, if you care to look around various sites,at a fraction of the price of a new one.


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