Friday, 12 May 2017

Hooray...its raining....

Not a dramatic downpour, but a good steady fall which will sink into the soil much better than a huge downpour, trouble is we could do with it raining like this for a few weeks, the ground is so dry.

Friday clean has been done, the kitchen floor was not too bad, so its not been mopped. I used some shampoo on a stain on the living room carpet near the door, it does not seem to have done any good, I am thinking of getting some vanish and see if that works.

We are considering putting a new shed in the garden, the one we have is very fragile, it needs re roofing but the roof trusses are so delicate I think it might collapse if we try to hammer the felt on. The present one is 8 x 6. We are looking at replacing it with a 10 x 8. It involves taking down the old shed, putting down a new base and paths, and erecting the new shed. Problem.......cost will be around £1000, we do not know how long either of us is going to be here, should we spend the money for someone else to benefit? I also plan to have electricity put in so I can get the dryer and maybe the smaller freezer in.

This afternoon I plan to have another go at the table runner, its the last chance salon......

Supper tonight pork and bean casserole, mash, peas and cauliflower, there is carrot in the casserole. We have banana for dessert.


Well thats the second attempt at the runner in the bin, I have cut the blessed thing twice, checked every measurement twice, it just does not fit. How I made the first one heaven only knows......

I can use some of the bigger bits for something else, but I have wasted at least £3 of fabric trying to sort it out.

Need to think of something else now. just one runner will do. I am going to destroy the pattern so I am never tempted to make it again. So cross........

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