Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Grey Day

Another grey day, it has rained in fits and starts throughout the morning.

We set off for the town, called at a wood merchants, forget it, the wood we got locally was I need to sort out the lemon drizzle cake and go back and order more wood for DB to finish off his beds.

On then to Morrison, several things they had not got, but I did pick up a reduced shoulder of lamb for £4.80, it had been almost £8!! so not bad.

Called at the hospital to pick up batteries for our hearing aids, they do not seem to last for long. DB put new ones in last week and they ran out the next day.

Supper sorted, pizza, jacket spud, tomato and celery salad and maybe some coleslaw.

The combi microwave in its new position on top of the small freezer.

This is where the combi was, breadmaker and coffee maker moved over. Remoska is waiting for the jacket spuds for tonight, need the oven for the pizza which is just defrosting.

No gardening, glad DB managed to cut the back grass today. I had a reply from one of the people I contacted about the base for the shed, waiting for him to ring and come and look at the job. The plants were in dire need of water and have put on a growth spurt especially the clematis I planted near the coal shed, I will have to fix some wire to the sides for it to scramble up.

Decided to leave the ring pillow alone until the thread I ordered arrives, hopefully tomorrow or maybe Friday. I has to be done next week, want to make sure its finished in good time.

Gave myself a bit of a scare last night, forgot I had changed taking my BP tablet to the morning and took one last night....not that it had much effect, my BP is still fluctuating wildly and no where near where it should be. Taking it with the BP machine 6 times a day is a bit wearing. Friday will not manage to take all 6 as we will be off to Malvern before 8am.

Now a bit of a rant........I am really sick of seeing in graphic detail about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, it was horrific when it happened, but do we really need to be reminded everyday what that depraved couple did to those children. Brady was a sadistic monster, one mother went to her grave no knowing where Brady and Hindley had buried her son. I am sure her grief hastened her death........ its the children and the effect on their families we should be thinking about;  3 days since the news broke for heavens sake give us a break.........if its not in the papers its on the TV news. I have stopped reading the Mail and watching the news until the story  fades. Sorry...... it really makes me angry........

We have not heard anything about P round the corner, if we go to the door her niece she lives with is very abrupt, does not seem to encourage visitors, so for now we just do not know.

Time to put the kettle on I hear DB stirring after his siesta.......


  1. I take my BP tablets first thing in the morning. I keep a piece of paper and pen on the dresser with the medication and each day I write down the day of the week and the date along with two tick marks. I started this because once or twice having a senior moment I couldn't remember if I had taken them!

    Sorry to hear that her niece is so abrupt when you have called.


  2. With you all the way Anne - should have hung the pair of them at the time - we wouldn't have had to keep them in prison all these years and it was what they deserved - those poor families - I've stopped watching the news till this election is over xx

  3. I was unaware of the event until this morning, I am so out of the loop, never buy a paper or watch tv so totally reliant on the radio and bush telegraph, the mail must be the worst paper ever, it is sooooo right wing. Hope your clematis flourishes. Sarah.

  4. My mother used a small calender and made a check each time she used her glaucoma eye drops. During the day, she'd take a look to make sure the drops were used twice before it was bedtime. That worked well for her for decades.

    Hope the new thread is strong and makes the design on the pillow a pleasure to sew.

    Also hope P is doing well. It is a shame about her niece being so snippy.

    The new arrangement in the kitchen looks like you're making even better use of space! Would shallow shelves above the stove be helpful?

    It's hot and sunny here with the high forecast to be above 90*F today and for the next two days. I hope to keep going in the sewing room.



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