Monday, 8 May 2017

Gosh its windy

After a glorious afternoon yesterday, its really cold and windy.

Towels washed and hung out, Monday clean done. DB was in the garden doing some odd jobs outside including washing the strawberry mats our strawberries are in full flower and some of the fruit are forming. We have fleece at the ready in case a frost is forecast. 

After finding the pattern for the table runner I have had to contain myself from starting it, however this afternoon I will cut out the pieces. I ordered the wrong fabric for the ring pillow so I have reordered ivory and returned the white. It will be a couple of days before I can start that, so might get the runner  done as far as getting it together. I have made it before I know its mostly on the bias, so needs to be treated very carefully.

Step son rang yesterday afternoon and came over with his youngest son and his granddaughter. There is 17 years between his eldest and youngest sons. Thankfully they were able to be out in the garden, C has ADD, it was good that he could be out in the garden playing with his niece.  SS and DB spent a good hour sitting in the sun chatting.

My neighbour also came across, they have sold the car to a friends niece, just waiting for the payment to clear and it will be away. It sad, but P realises that he is never going to be fit enough to drive again. It was just losing money sitting on the road.

I am pleased with the performance of the new Micro, tonight will be a challenge I am cooking a fritatta for supper, I like to finish it off in the oven. So supper - fritatta and salad with new potato's, I cooked some rhubarb this morning will put a crumble top on it for a quick dessert.

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