Sunday, 21 May 2017

Garden Day

Our usual lie in with breakfast in bed, now putting in some of the plants in, was devastated to find two lupins had been chewed overnight..........they are in the ground surrounded by slug pellets and I am going to slug pellet the nursery bed at the side of the house, I am sick of losing plants to the slimey little b's. They have also had a go at a clematis I have grown from a cutting.

The rain has brought lots of weeds on so I am weeding as I go as well, hooked out a huge dandelion with a massive root. weeds are even coming through under some of the spreading plants.....ggrrrrr.

DB cut the front grass yesterday, the scarer seems to be working with the cats, no cat mess on the grass or in the borders. Its the birds that spread the wood chip looking for insects, I just sweep it back. 

More pictures from Friday............

Unusual to see a quilt like this, the extra large top border to allow the quilt to be pulled up over the pillows.

Love the scallops on this quilt.

Very pretty delicately coloured quilt.

Very Rennie Mackintosh.

Pretty row by row baby quilt.

Ah those hexagons again.....

Liked the subtle colours in this.

Snakes and ladders anyone?

Beautiful Baltimore quilt, I would never have the patience to do a quilt like this.

Another one I would not have patience to do, New York Beauty.

Sorry this one is the wrong way round, it was beautifully decorated with sparkly bits and bugle beads.

After lunch it started to cloud over, I was feeling tired after my morning in the garden, so if its fine tomorrow I will do a bit more weeding.

Supper tonight pork, with all the trimmings. I have some new carrots, still had their tops on, I ate a raw one, delicious............


  1. Not sure if I'm right but I think someone told me that used coffee grounds sprinkled around your plants and in the soil will keep slugs away or kill them. They eat the coffee grounds and can't digest them and die. An awful way to go but at least they won't eat your plants. Worth a try?
    Also, someone told me coffee shops will give you/safe you used coffee grounds if you ask. Here our Starbucks gives away used coffee grounds.

  2. Thank you for Part 2 of the Quilt Show-I love the Rennie Mackintosh inspired one best. We've tried everything with the snails but some of the blighters always survive. The sudden downpour on Friday brought the out in large numbers. Hope you solve the snail problem because it's disheartening when you are trying to grow nice things. Catriona

  3. Gorgeous quilts! Have you tried leaving out dishes of beer for the slugs? My neighbor used to do that and swore by it LOL He would use yogurt cups and the like and bury them into the ground so that the slugs drank and fell in. Oh boy that sounds a bit cruel but slugs eat everything down to the ground so ....

  4. Ta for the eye candy quilt pictures! More power to the quilters who made these wonderful quilts. I'd not have the patience for making several - including that diamond-looking one made with hexies. Oh, the headaches!

    Wishing you well with the slug problems. Think I heard they don't like egg shells either but perhaps the coffee grounds will work.

    Does gardening do your BP good? A friend tells me she feels tranquil and serene after having a scratch in the garden.



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