Friday, 5 May 2017


A really nice day, I put a load in the washer when I got up, its all dried on the line.

Friday clean done, DB out in the garden, We were moving a plant pot when he fell again, on the grass so did not hurt himself, even so I am now nervous of asking him to help me move anything. I see us getting a gardener coming closer, quicker than getting someone to do the cleaning.

After lunch he went for his siesta, I have made another mat and posted the tut at the top of my blog so its there for all time unless I take it down later. Some of the fabric for the fair has arrived so now I need to decide what I am going to make, I still want to experiment further with the delectable mountains, might have a go at it tomorrow, see if it works out......could be interesting........

E is coming round to sort out the ring pillow, so once the fabric arrives I can then get on with it.

Fish and wedges tonight, cooking the wedges in the micro, see how it does. It has catalytic sides and back, so hopefully it will be easier to keep clean than the old one.


  1. Glad today has been full of accomplishments indoors and outside! That is so satisfying.

    Sorry DB fell again but at least he had a soft landing. Does he have any difficulty getting back on his feet after a tumble?

    Am about to visit your new links under the blog header photo as I look forward to seeing the Christmas mats and am glad the gardening tutorials will be easy to find for reference.

    It's a cloudy, cool day here and we had a drenching rain overnight so the lamps are on and I hope to accomplish more in the sewing room.


  2. Would your DB benefit from an occupational therapist referral, to suggest coping mechanisms for his falls etc?

  3. He has already seen the OT, that is why he is getting balance training which is going ok. However it does not seem to stop him having falls.

  4. How did the wedges go in the microwave? I can't imagine how they would crisp up!

  5. I have a combination microwave, wedges are cooked on the glass plate, I brush them with oil and then cook, Convection 230 - Grill 1 - Micro warm for 30 minutes. I have done wedges like this for ages. Have a panasonic combi micro.

  6. constant trips and tumbles are just part of my other halfs life he always looks a bit battered somewhere , the doctor says this shouldnt be happening lol...dont have the heart to even tell her about his Saturday Night Fever muscle spasms , he was having his dressing done at the foot doctor the other day and nearly launched the poor woman , he just gets embarrassed, I just shake my head


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