Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Feet Day

I slept in this morning so DB brought me breakfast in bed, I had to scoot into the shower as I was coming to do our feet.

When she had gone we set off with some stuff for the tip in Bottesford, its tucked away down a little lane, but the chap there was very helpful and unloaded everything and put it in the right skip for us. Back home it was almost lunchtime.

DB went for his siesta, I sat reading and then decided to go out and plant up the container with a fuchsia and some geraniums, I also planted out a white foxglove and 6 pink geraniums in the gaps of the border.

I had just gone into the house when I heard DB shouting; a friend had called to say she had been to see P in the care home where she is recuperating, she was pleased with how she looked. Apparently one of the staff took her out to Boots and she has also been to the library.

Our neighbour is off to see her husband this afternoon, will get news when she gets back.

Its quite dark and cloudy I think we may get some more rain before too long, the gardens are still very dry despite the rain yesterday. It turned very cold last night........

I have discovered that we can download e books from the library so have down loaded a couple to keep me going till the library van comes next week.

Have to nip to the Drs and pick up my prescription, so better get going. I should have ordered it last week and forgot.........

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