Saturday, 13 May 2017

Cheese and onion pie


I medium sized onion chopped.

2 reasonable sized potato's

4 - 6 ozs  Grated strong cheddar cheese.

Knob of butter.

Paprika pepper.

Black pepper

Peel and slice the potato's, put on to simmer until soft.

Gently fry the onions in a little oil, allow them to colour.

Grease lightly an ovenproof dish.

When the potato's are soft drain and mash with the butter, add in the onions and black pepper, then add in the cheese, reserve a small handful for the top of the pie; mix until the cheese is distributed through the potato. I sometimes use a splash of milk if the mixture seems really stiff. I never add salt, if DB wants salt he puts it on when its served up.

Tip into the greased dish and mark the top with a fork. Sprinkle on the reserved cheese and top with a shake of paprika pepper.

Put in the oven at 180o for about 35 minutes, make sure its pipping hot all the way through before serving. We usually have it with baked beans and tomato sauce.

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