Monday, 1 May 2017

Bank Holiday Monday

Every day is a holiday for us now we no longer work. However jobs still need to be done.

Steam cleaned the bathroom and the floor in the toilet, I cannot believe how much muck was on the cloth from the bathroom floor. I mop it every week.

Bed room cleaned, I just have the carpet to shove the Dyson over once I have drunk my cup of tea.

DB has been in the garden putting the bean sticks in for the climbing beans.

My friend the combi microwave is terminally poorly, I had thought for a while it was a bit erratic, yesterday proved it. So I have had to bite the bullet, put back paying the last payment against our removal costs and order a new one. It is coming on Thursday, the updated model to the one I have. When we moved here I had to buy a cooker, the space was there and it meant a deal of expense to do anything about it. I have never used the ovens on the cooker just the hob. I store my baking tins in the oven......its a waste I know, but not much I can do about it.

We were reckoning up how long we had the old microwave for, I think we bought it in 2011 when we were in Haddington. I had a look at it first in John Lewis before deciding to buy it, at that rate its cost me about £50 a year or less, there are not many days when it has not been in use. 

Towels out on  the line, had to fetch them in DB said it was raining, had them in the dryer and the rain cleared off!!

Tomorrow a friend is taking me to the gallery where they are holding the Artisan Craft Fair, I have sorted out stuff to take to show her. I had been looking for a table runner I made some years ago, found it in a drawer in the hall this lunchtime looking for something else. I like the pattern, but cannot make another one, I cannot find the original pattern which I think was in a Quiltmaker magazine. No longer have the magazine. I think it was either 1211 or 2012 when I made it.

If any one out there recognises it and has the pattern, I would be eternally grateful. I do remember it was not easy to make as the ends were on the bias, I also had a problem with the binding, took it off twice before I got it right.

Rain has cleared and the sun is out, blue sky, but with grey clouds scudding over, guess we may be in for some more rain.

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