Friday, 26 May 2017

Another sunny day

Not quite as hot, there is a fair breeze blowing which is keeping the temperature down a bit.

Load of washing done, dried and put away. We had both morning tea and lunch outside. 

The orchids in the hall, I have discovered that I have 2 plants with the same flower, the one in the sewing room has one flower out and its identical.

The gladioli I cut yesterday. We did try to dig them out last year, but some obviously got away. There are also a couple of poppies coming up in the front.

Friday clean done, moved the big sofa, it was over a month since it was moved, hoovered underneath and shoved the sofa back.

DB spent the morning in the garden.

I am about to tackle putting the ring pillow together and finishing it off ready for delivery, I will not be sorry to see it go!!

Fish and chips for supper, might allow DB an ice cream wafer again tonight.

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