Friday, 26 May 2017

Another sunny day

Not quite as hot, there is a fair breeze blowing which is keeping the temperature down a bit.

Load of washing done, dried and put away. We had both morning tea and lunch outside. 

The orchids in the hall, I have discovered that I have 2 plants with the same flower, the one in the sewing room has one flower out and its identical.

The gladioli I cut yesterday. We did try to dig them out last year, but some obviously got away. There are also a couple of poppies coming up in the front.

Friday clean done, moved the big sofa, it was over a month since it was moved, hoovered underneath and shoved the sofa back.

DB spent the morning in the garden.

I am about to tackle putting the ring pillow together and finishing it off ready for delivery, I will not be sorry to see it go!!

Fish and chips for supper, might allow DB an ice cream wafer again tonight.


  1. Beautiful flowers! It will be hot here today-supposed to be 98F.

  2. Hot in the NE of Scotland, 30 degrees allegedly, but we too had a lovely breeze which made it manageable. I wouldnt have tried to get rid of the Gladioli they are beautiful.

  3. Just Jill the glads spread by rhizomes under the soil. Of we do not keep them under control they will take over the whole of the front garden, so we remove at least 50% of them each year when they have finished flowering.

  4. Lovely flowers and what a nice shelving display of pretty china and glassware!

    Wishing you well as you complete that pesky ring pillow. I know you've done your usual beautiful work, but what a bother to have encountered all of those problems. Did you put a NOTE TO SELF in your sewing room: "No more embroidered designs on commission"? :)

    Hope you share your abundance of gladiola rhizomes with neighbors, church folks, and a curbside "free to good homes" sign. Just think of yourself as being a one woman force adding beauty to the surroundings!

    Am back at work in the sewing room after being under the weather for a few days.


  5. Gladioli, foxgloves, poppies .... sounds so pretty :)


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