Thursday, 11 May 2017

Another sunny day

Up early and a load of laundry in the washer and on the line.

We left home just around 9.30, a quick visit to Lidl, on the pick up the wadding, we had a bit of a job to find the place, but got there eventually.

On to the hospital. I left DB in the car waiting for a parking spot, I got my check done and walked back to the car, he had only just got a place, a 3/4 hour wait, thankfully he had not put any money in the machine.

Off to see my quilting friend, she had gone out with a neighbour to a local nursery, she arrived back after about 10 minutes.

Tea, ham sandwiches, lemon cake and cream and more tea. Caught up with the gossip. He son had gone on a cruise, his wife had a stroke, they ended up in St.Kitts.......horror all round. Another quilting friends partner also had a stroke......  

We left early and went over to the nursery, I bought some plants and also a large tub of chicken manure. The garden spending is now closed.

Fish and wedges for supper, DB had a yogurt I had an orange for dessert.

I have taken the wadding out of its bag and opened it out, will leave it for a couple of days to relax.

DB's birthday present arrived whilst we were out. We have a set of wolf garden tools, they are interchangeable and fit onto a handle, so one handle fits all the tools.

You push it into the ground next to the weed, twist it 100 degrees and pull, out comes the weed with the root. It will be tried out on the herbaceous border!!

We went out to water and discovered it was raining......just now it looks as if its stopped, we will see.

Feet up time.............

Whats going on with blogger, just went on to read the blogs I follow and they are all gobbledegook................and out of order....


  1. You and DB certainly had a busy day and got a lot done. How delightful to have caught up with your quilting friend and I do wish those who had those worrisome strokes well.

    Rainy day here and I hope you'll get some rain, too.


  2. I have used iron on wadding loads of times and for smaller makes it is fabulous. I have used the sort that is sticky on both sides for wall hangings and cushion covers and you have to be careful to get the bottom fabric nice and taught as any wrinkles are permanent. That weeding tool looks the business, I have tried a few over the years, luckily the work that I did in this garden in my first year has practically eradicated tap root weeds. Thanks be I have no ground elder or Horsetail here, both were prolific in my Tydd garden.


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