Friday, 26 May 2017

Another sunny day

Not quite as hot, there is a fair breeze blowing which is keeping the temperature down a bit.

Load of washing done, dried and put away. We had both morning tea and lunch outside. 

The orchids in the hall, I have discovered that I have 2 plants with the same flower, the one in the sewing room has one flower out and its identical.

The gladioli I cut yesterday. We did try to dig them out last year, but some obviously got away. There are also a couple of poppies coming up in the front.

Friday clean done, moved the big sofa, it was over a month since it was moved, hoovered underneath and shoved the sofa back.

DB spent the morning in the garden.

I am about to tackle putting the ring pillow together and finishing it off ready for delivery, I will not be sorry to see it go!!

Fish and chips for supper, might allow DB an ice cream wafer again tonight.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Phew it aint half 'ot

Up and out this morning, called at Dunelm to get a cushion pad before going on to collect the roll of wadding, managed to get it into the back seat of the car. I have cut a length off it and it is now under the day bed in my sewing room, it just fits under there. I think it will see me out...........

Back home lunch was taken in the garden, by the time we had finished eating the sun was round on the back, boy was it warm. I sat out for a while and then had to give in and go into the house. I do not cope well with hot weather any more.

My neighbour phoned to say that her husband is going into the hospice tomorrow. She is going with him and her son will collect her and bring her home. Its next week we will have to sort out getting her to and from the hospice.

The garden will have to be watered tonight once the sun goes off. We have foxgloves come up in the front garden, no idea where they came from, I did not plant them, but we have had this happen before. Some years ago at the allotment we had a single foxglove, the following year there were hundreds, I spent ages digging them out. The natural gladioli are out again, we dug a lot out but they have spread again, I doubt we will ever really get rid of them, I have cut a few for the house, no idea how long they will last.

The orchid that was in my sewing room is on the dresser in the hall, 10 flower buds on, the second one is also starting to open, so that will go in the sitting room once a couple of the flowers have come out, cannot remember what colour it is.

Supper tonight, bacon fritatta and salad, we may indulge in an ice cream for dessert. I need to put a loaf on tomorrow, only have toasting bread, its a bit thick for sandwiches!!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Last night we got some sad news about our neighbour, he is going into the local hospice, he needs treatment that he is not able to get either at home or in hospital. His wife is very tired, she has been looking after him for almost 12 months and she too is not well. I went over this afternoon to have a word, we will work out how to get B to the hospice to see him, weekends are ok, its during the week that will be a problem.

This morning we went to Aldi, I managed to spend more then I intended, but I will only need to buy fresh veg and fruit.

A lovely day, we sat outside for our morning tea and OH is outside reading now.

Chicken and apricots for supper with rice, its a while since we had rice.......its a dish I used to do quite a bit at one time, It had brandy in it, and is yummy.

Out tomorrow, I need to collect my half roll of wadding and I also need to pick up a cushion pad for the ring pillow, I have it to finish, The embroidery went ok, just one thread break........ I just have to sew the front to the backs, I will then decide whether to make it an oxford style. depends on how it presses, the fabric is a nightmare for slipping.......reminder to self, not to make another one.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

So sad but also angry

That some scumbag could go to a pop concert and set off a bomb killing children, what is our world coming to? I suppose the bomber thought he would go to heaven for his cause, I hope he rots in hell...and thats putting it mildly.

I had better get off the subject..... I am liable to say something that will upset people. My thoughts are with the families that have lost children and parents of children who were at the concert, the emergency services who always step up to the mark despite the distressing circumstances and those still in hospital. I understand there are several people who are on the critical list.

Bright morning, towels on the line. I have started on the ring pillow yet again, this is the last try. I am beginning to hate that embroidery machine......I have a feeling it will be leaving this house in the near future.

DB in the garden planting seeds, I looked at the lupins I put in on Sunday one of them had over 20 snail bodies round....yukkkk.

Supper today is beef casserole, Pictures of the veg garden


Both strawberry beds the second bed is runners from last year



Beans, the apple tree and potato bed.

Climbing and drying beans

Looking from the grass up to the back of the garden.

They are quite small hopefully they will grow a bit bigger....tomato's

Last but not least the beautiful rose on the arch, it smells delightful and such a pretty colour.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Photos I took yesterday

I spent part of yesterday morning, putting in some lupins and also weeding the herbaceous bed. There are some gaps at the front I need to get ground covers plants for to try and smother more of the weeds.

The damp bottom part of the garden

Looking up towards the back fence

The clematis on the clothes pole, its a pink Montana, just coming out.

Not sure which clematis this one is, but its putting on a good show.

DB worked on the strawberry bed, the supports are for netting to keep the birds off.

Another clematis, no idea which one this is.

These lupins survived the slug attacks, I think they got going whilst the ground was dry, so not much slug activity.

And Now...... more quilts.

Detail of the quilting on the next wholecloth quilt.

Another very pretty batik applique quilt.

Passion flower.

This was such a pretty miniature quilt.

These were wonderful, all the colouring comes from stitching.

K looking at memories of a Scottish Holiday.


This was fabulous and has won a well deserved ribbon.

It was a nice sunny morning, DB was in the garden, he finished off weeding the herbaceous border for me.

Chap came and re screwed all the drawer fronts in the kitchen.

I have started on the ring pillow, so far so good, fingers crossed.

Supper tonight eggs, wedges and peas.


I should have kept quiet, the bobbin thread ran out and then for some obscure reason the machine started sewing with the bobbin thread on to, so another has one more chance, then I am out of fabric and have to admit defeat. I have a feeling the embroidery machine is going to be no more!!! My 12000 was so much easier to use.......sigh........

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Garden Day

Our usual lie in with breakfast in bed, now putting in some of the plants in, was devastated to find two lupins had been chewed overnight..........they are in the ground surrounded by slug pellets and I am going to slug pellet the nursery bed at the side of the house, I am sick of losing plants to the slimey little b's. They have also had a go at a clematis I have grown from a cutting.

The rain has brought lots of weeds on so I am weeding as I go as well, hooked out a huge dandelion with a massive root. weeds are even coming through under some of the spreading plants.....ggrrrrr.

DB cut the front grass yesterday, the scarer seems to be working with the cats, no cat mess on the grass or in the borders. Its the birds that spread the wood chip looking for insects, I just sweep it back. 

More pictures from Friday............

Unusual to see a quilt like this, the extra large top border to allow the quilt to be pulled up over the pillows.

Love the scallops on this quilt.

Very pretty delicately coloured quilt.

Very Rennie Mackintosh.

Pretty row by row baby quilt.

Ah those hexagons again.....

Liked the subtle colours in this.

Snakes and ladders anyone?

Beautiful Baltimore quilt, I would never have the patience to do a quilt like this.

Another one I would not have patience to do, New York Beauty.

Sorry this one is the wrong way round, it was beautifully decorated with sparkly bits and bugle beads.

After lunch it started to cloud over, I was feeling tired after my morning in the garden, so if its fine tomorrow I will do a bit more weeding.

Supper tonight pork, with all the trimmings. I have some new carrots, still had their tops on, I ate a raw one, delicious............