Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Very grey morning and windy. I want to do the geranium cuttings . We have to go and collect the shears we left the other day to be sharpened.I want to do the geraniums cuttings this morning so they have a chance to start to rooting, they do not like hormone rooting powder so will just be slipped into compost with plastic bottles cut in half over the top. Either they grow or they don't.

Can I make one things very clear......... we have a joint bank account which pays the bills etc, each month we have pocket money, OH paid for the mower from this money.......I did not see why, as it was his fault, it should come out of the joint account. My pocket money is spent on my quilting.

He announced yesterday he was not going to argue any more, just express an opinion, so nothing has changed. He also realised that he could not cope on his own if he leaves or I leave, so the status quo exists. I am still feeling very down, but not saying anything, if he doesn't pick up on it then I will just have to carry on  regardless. One thing is for sure I am going to go my own way for a change and do my own thing. 

Mac and cheese tonight with salad. 

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